“I doubt there is a suggestion more frequently made to sales professionals than “sell higher,” says Bill Stinnett, CEO of Sales Excellence and the author of Think Like Your Customer. “Participants in my workshops ask more questions about this than all other topics combined.” Selling higher simply means earning access to those who will be making the final decision to buy. So, how do you get past the low-level, gate-keepers and gain access to the higher levels? Here are a few of Stinnett’s proven techniques you can leverage to show why you deserve access to the top:

1. Leverage The Business Sale Hierarchy™ Model
Make the transition from sales rep to profit advisor. You want to translate the value of what you sell to increased profit to your customers, and ultimately trace the value of every feature and function of your product or service to the specific line item on your client’s balance sheet or income statement.

2. Focus On The End Result
You need to know their desired outcome. If you don’t know what value they hope to derive from you, there’s little to go on to properly position you to win.

3. Develop A Process Of Mutual Discovery
If they like your process, which is to fully understand and document their process, they’ll be much less guarded, and often will help you get the access you need to create an accurate model of their internal decision policies process.

4. Share A Reference Story Or A Case Study
Stories about how other CEO’s or CFO’s have used your products and services to achieve their objectives helps you earn access to the top.

5. Bring Your Boss To The Meeting
Leveraging the other players on your team can help to justify accessing and meeting with other people high on their team.

6. Trade Something They Want For The Access You Want
Sometimes the best thing we could ask for in return for what they want is access to their key personnel.

7. Insist On Executive-Level Answers To Specific Qualifying Questions
“What is the highest-level goal you are trying to achieve, or problem you are trying to solve?”; “What other courses of action have you considered, or are you considering, to solve this problem?”; “How do you plan to justify and account for the investment?”; “What bad thing would happen if you just did nothing?”

8. Sell Wider
Get other groups/departments involved because a decision then gets made by a higher-up. Another benefit of learning to sell wider is the potential to tap into other budgets and resources.

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