Not only is it important to dream big, but it is also important to put down on paper what your dreams are. To do this,
you must first know what your dreams are. If you are one of those people who has a hard time dreaming or realizing
what it is you would like your life to be like, here are a few steps that you can take that will help you realize what it is
you want out of your life. Take the time to do the following exercise. Find a nice quiet place that you will not be
interrupted. Turn off the phone. Lock the door. Put on some gentle music if you are able to focus with music. Get
yourself something to drink, and begin to dream big.

Here are the steps to help you realize what you want your life to be about. You can do this for three main areas of
your life. What you want to do, what you want to be, and what you want to have.

1. Start by making a list of everything that you DO NOT want in your life. Again, this can be done for things you don't
want to do, be, or have. For example, I don't want to work at a dead end job. I don't want to be the type of person who is
undependable. I don't want to have friends who are liars and who are deceiptful. These are just examples. Hopefully they
will help get your head moving in the right direction

The reason we start with what we don't want is simple. This is where most people are in their head already. Most people
are already thinking about what they don't want most of the time. It is not the best place to stay, but it is ok to start here.

2. After creating a list of all the things that you DO NOT want, create just the opposite, a list of all the things you DO want.
Here is a hint. If you don't want to work at a dead end job you must want to work some place that makes you feel fulfilled and
accomplished. If you do not want to be the type of person who is undependable, you must want to be the type of person that
others can count on. If you don't want friends and people in your life who are liars and deceiptful, you must want honest up front
people. Take the list of things that you created in the do no wants, and list the exact opposite. If you don't want one thing, you must
want the positive of that thing. Take the time to create a list of everything you do want to have, do, and be.

As a note here, many times people will do this and stop themselves from writing something down simply because they believe that
other people will think a certain way about what they write down if they were to actually get those things. Ignore those feelings. Dream
big here. Let your mind really go wild here about the things that you want. If nothing were impossible, and you could have, do, or be
anything, what would you dare to dream about having, doing, or being.

3. Circle a few of the things on your list that you absolutely must have to be happy. On my list, I refuse to be the kind of person who
is idle in life and never accomplishing anything. That is on my list of do not want. On my do want list, the opposite is to be a person
who is constantly working toward my dreams and things I want to accomplish. That is one that is circled as a must have. I will not
negotiate about it. I will do whatever I have to to make that a reality in my life on a daily basis. So circle a few on your list. These are things
that you refuse to settle for anything less than exactly what is written down on your list.

4. Now write those items that you circled down on a seperate piece of paper. Next to each one, create a sentence or so explaining what it is
that gets in your way of accomplishing or having that thing. For example, one thing that used to get in my way of accomplishment was
procrastination. So write down a few things that get in your way.

5. Now write down next to what gets in your way exactly what you intend to do to get past that problem. Since procrastination was a problem
for me, I created a plan of action that involved 10-20 minutes a day of action toward my goals. It slowly increased over time as I developed
the habit of accomplishment every day.

6. TAKE ACTION ON IT NOW!!! Do not delay. Do not wait until tomorrow. Do not put the list away and let it sit there for thirty years. Don't
waste any time taking action on your list. Create a seperate list with all the things you want to review on a daily basis. Take a look at the
list of things that get in your way and how you intend to move those things out of your way on a regular basis. Find a way to remind yourself
daily about what you want. This will help to keep you motivated to make the changes you want to make. Do it now, or as Nike would say,
just do it.

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