The clickbank affiliate network is beginner friendly and newbies trying to earn money with affiliate marketing can start right away. I started with clickbank and that's why I recommend it.

Is clickbank a scam? Do they pay on time?

Clickbank is everything except a scam. This affiliate network pays every two weeks like clockwork. It's true that there are many products in the 'make money online' niche that make unbelievable claims, but you shouldn't start by promoting these products.

The competition is fierce and you will lose so much time and money that you may quit. So don't do it. Let me tell you a secret that you would never find by yourself. The money online and 'Internet marketing' niche has the biggest refund rate in the clickbank marketplace.

Sometimes, you promote a product, make a couple of sales and earn hundreds. A few days later, when you log into your clickbank account, you realize that all these sales have been refunded except one or two.

Nobody tell this, but it is the truth. This is another reason why you do not want to start with this niche. As a beginner, it's better to start in the home improvement, health niche and others. In clickbank, you will find digital ebooks about thousands of topics.

Here is a smart way to promote other people's product. Enter a niche with a clickbank product, find out if it's profitable. If yes, develop your own product and make more money by recruiting other affiliate just like you who spend time and money promoting your products for you.

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