by Natalia Alexandria

Sometimes, staying in neutral can be a great thing. In the midst of challenging life situations and everyday hurdles, we might want to consider that it may not always be the best time to “do” anything.

When one of life’s curve balls comes our way, one of two things generally occurs. We either become paralyzed by uncertainty unable to make decisions, or we force something to change by reacting quickly. Most of us reject staying in neutral because of the attached stigma of appearing like we don’t know what we’re doing, seemingly unprepared for the next step. In fact, we are not usually prepared for new events—that’s life. But, heaven forbid we’re marked with that scarlet letter that brings the onslaught of judgment that perpetuates our flux, and then, all we can do is hide.

Why have we abandoned staying in neutral? Perhaps, it is because today’s society tends to over-stimulate us by creating a culture of overload when it comes to defining what we’re all supposed to be doing. The more you do, the better the impression for others to see. This pressure-cooker of wanting to keep up with whatever you’re supposed to keep up with starts very early. I watch children loaded up with homework, science projects, and activities that overwhelm the child and the parent. At the age of two we are busy determining the exceptional futures of our children. Of course, it is all subjective, and there are no guarantees. Somewhere in our recent past, we have blindly accepted that we need to fill up every last moment of our day with something to do.

Let’s all take a deep breath and stop to have a moment to think. Despite technological advances and easy access to information, we still don’t have time to “do” everything. Worse, we have added a lugubrious reality of wrestling with how to find leisure or vacation time. Is it a wonder we’re stressed out, filled with anxiety, or depressed? Let’s all take another deep breath. We DO have a choice.

That choice is staying in neutral. You become a participant without the pressure of doing, particularly what everyone else wants you to do. It is about not taking sides, not having a feeling about something one way or the other—absolutely no reaction. Staying in neutral can be considered modern day meditation that allows for the free flow or ideas and guess what, solutions too. If you allow for this fluid motion of creative suggestions to come about, and you simply “sit with them”, most will end up disappearing and you will be left with what is best for you. And the answer is always loud and clear. This is why regardless of what anyone can say, no matter how intelligent the advice, the decision that surfaces will be best for you…guaranteed. In the art of being v. doing, we experience the purity of awareness and a fertile ground for change.

This process also allows for unadulterated “light bulb” moments that will perfectly match your ability, comfort level, and desired goals. You will take action with ease while everything else falls into place. This is called living in the moment where you just let things happen. It requires patience and a healthy respect for things you cannot understand. There is rhyme and reason to all that occurs in life, so let’s remember that we don’t always have to “do” anything.

Try handing the steering wheel over to the universe…and open your mind to staying in neutral.

Author's Bio: 

Natalia Alexandria is a life coach and expert in personal development. She is the author of a best-selling e-book entitled SUCCESS Now and Forever available at