Ebook marketing is one of the most effective online techniques available to business owners. Ebooks encompass information designed to provide value to a wide variety of audiences, giving businesses open range when selecting topics. But, there are common marketing mistakes made by business owners looking to initially launch this technique. So, to improve your ebook marketing results, avoid the common mistakes listed below.

1. Wrong Target Audience- One of the golden rules of sales is meeting the needs and demands of the consumer. Therefore, launching an ebook that does not meet the interests, needs or demands of your audience will not yield you the sales results you are seeking.

2. Lack of Automation- The key to success when leveraging online marketing techniques is automation. Business owners who fail to utilize ebook automation programs often make mistakes, costing them money over time. Automate credit card processing, ebook delivery, email follow up and thank you emails.

3. Lack of Attention Grabbing Headlines- You must incorporate an attention grabbing headline for your ebook in order to capture sales. Remember, your ebook is competing with other ebooks and a variety of other information products online. So, yours needs to stand out.

4. Subject Matter is Too Broad- Ebooks should focus on a narrow niche topic, unless they are written to be an instruction manual for a particular topic. If your topic is to broad, it will not only make your marketing focus challenging, but you may not be providing value to your readers.

5. Ineffective Marketing- Even if you have produced the best ebook in your niche market, if you cannot effectively market it, you won’t generate sales. Focus your attention on your marketing efforts and ensure that you have an adequate budget set aside for this purpose.

6. Blending into the Competition- If you are producing an ebook within a niche that already has competition, it is important to distinguish yourself. Focus on how your ebook will provide features and benefits that do not exist within your competition’s ebooks.

Ebooks can offer not only a way to market a current business’s products and services, but can in themselves offer a proven online income generation opportunity. Incorporate the above tips to improve your opportunity for financial success.

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Olu Jatto is a seasoned writer and Director of Olujay & Co Limited (a company incorporated in England & wales) an information publishing and marketing company.
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