For whatever reason, be it a result of a divorce or relationship breakdown, change in career, move to a new city, or sorry to say perhaps the death of a loved one, you are starting life again and you want to get it right.

This change, your new life, will enable you to become a whole new person. You now have the chance to leave behind those who caused anguish yesterday and instead have the opportunity to discover a future of new friendships, relationships and ideals.

Let go of past failures or mistakes and realise that you have the advantage of knowing what you want for your life ahead, build on past triumphs and continue to expand and grow.

As you are starting life again and embarking on your new life, consider the following:

• Let go of whatever has caused you troubles in the past and instead focus on your future.

• Imagine what the world has to offer you; imagine what you can offer in return.

• Change is the recipe for your new-found freedom.

• Do not be fearful of taking risks as you start your new life, for it is only through risk that accomplishments may be achieved.

• Do not hang on to old ways simply because they are familiar to you. Accordingly, do not discard those positives that will assist in your new growth.

• Maintain friendships that have stayed faithful beside you through all your ups and downs while also seeking new relationships that will inspire and rejuvenate.

• Aim to improve your health. A healthy mind and body is crucial as you undertake your new life.

• Don’t discard times of celebration as fun and laughter are the world’s best medicines.

• Develop your career, look for promotion and use this time to establish new business relationships.

• Set time aside to enjoy serenity and calmness as you regenerate your psyche whilst at other times spend time with friends who love and support you.

• Avoid association with people who will use you, or those who try to inhibit your growth or control your spirit.

• Expand your horizons, discovering new worlds and ideals as you constantly learn new ways.

• Create a new home that matches your likings and new life. This time is now about you, and not about anyone else.

As you embark on starting life again - your new life, focus on the positives and discard all the negatives. You now have the wonderful opportunity to get it right.

Grab hold of it now. Take a deep breath as you start life again and blossom in this, your new life and your new future.

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Wellness Coach
Total wellness for women 40 yrs plus encompassing all anti-ageing aspects in beauty, nutrition, emotional and physical areas through inspiration, motivation and education.