What do you need to start an Internet business and how much is it going to cost? You can spend tens of thousands to get started, but you can actually do for much less or even free.

Let’s start out with a website. Having your own website makes doing business a lot easier and more profitable. But you can start out by using a blog or free website. A free website works okay but your web host will place ads on your site. If you are going to be placing ads on your site anyway, this is not a serious problem. As an alternative, you can use a free blog. As an added advantage, you do not need to know any specialized language to add content to your blog.

To be successful long-term, you need a list. A good list can double or even triple the money that you make. To develop a list, you need an autoresponder. There are many free autoresponders available. You can find them by doing a search. However, most of the free ones limit the amount of messages that you can send out and they place ads on each email you send. As an alternative, you can download an autoresponder onto your hard drive and operate it on your own. I do not recommend this. You are best served by starting out with a free trial from one of the major suppliers and converting to a paid subscription as soon as you begin to make money. A paid autoresponder will cost you about $20 per month but is well worth the money.

Developing your own product can be a long tedious product. But you can use one of the write your own ebook products to make it much easier. If you do not want to create your own product, you can use affiliate programs. There are programs for every conceivable type of product and there is usually no charge to participate. The only disadvantage is that you only keep a percentage of the profits on each sale. But many people launch very successful Internet businesses using affiliate products.

These are the only items you absolutely need to begin your Internet Empire. Of course, as you begin to make money, you should get your own domain name, paid hosting service, and, as mentioned above, a paid autoresponder. But, it is one of the few businesses remaining where you can get started with little or even no money.

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