Thinking and talking about your own dream business is definitely fun. It’s a safe way of playing a game My Dream Business. And that’s where a lot of people get stuck. So how do you create a shift from dreaming and fantasizing to planning and doing? These five simple steps will show you the way.
Have you been dreaming of making money doing what you love? Through the eyes of your imagination, have you served your perfect customers? Have you made imaginary money selling them your products or services? You have? That’s terrific. That’s the best place to start a new business - in your heart and in your head. That’s where all concepts are born and incubated until the right time comes to let them become visible.
This is the most important shift in any business creation: from talking and thinking to doing and creating. That’s when it gets a chance to become a reality. That’s when “I might some day” becomes “I am doing it now”. And that’s where a lot of people get stuck, some for life. Lack of time, focus, resources, fear of taking risks are usually used as excuses, masking the feeling of being not good enough for their dream. Let me assure you right away and with certainty: You Are Good Enough. If you can dream it, you can get it. Simple and true. With that aside, let’s talk about creating the right and purposeful action around your dream business.

Step 1. Take an inventory:
Start with a look at where you are now and what you already have. You have a dream, a desire, a yearning. You have a passion. You have a vision. That’s an excellent beginning. Now let’s take an inventory of where you are with your business idea. Do you feel it has been thought through in every direction or do you still have some basic questions to answer? Be honest in your state of the union. If your idea is completely ready to roll, fine, if it’s half-baked, admit it. How ready do you feel internally? How confident are you in yourself to carry it out? How about any necessary resources you might need – financial, expertise, support? What about your desire level - how badly do you really want it? Again, be honest.
I encourage you to use a 1 to 10 scale when answering all these questions so you get a clear picture of what is. If you are not where you would like to be with some of these aspects, that’s ok. Knowing where you are will enable you to make sound decisions about what you have to do to move forward.

Step 2. Decide where you want to be:
In order to create a perfect business, first create a vivid picture of that perfect business in your mind and your heart. The clearer the vision, the stronger the attraction, and the quicker the manifestation in reality. Ask yourself where you want your business to be in one, two, or three years, whatever timeframe feels comfortable to work with.
Don’t be a minimalist and ask for the least. Ask for it all, in plentiful, in abundance. Ask for what you really want, what would make you more than happy. Think of sales figures that put a huge smile on your face. Do the same with all aspects of your business: How many clients do you want? What kind of products, services you want to offer? How many hours do you want to work per week? What kind of lifestyle do you want to be able to afford? How would this kind of success feel to you? What would it change in your life?
Spend quality time with your vision, fill it with all your desires and watch it take a life of its own. Write it, create a vision board, or do what feels natural and fun to you to have a physical representation of your dream. It will be your guiding light in the time of planning and creating. And it will attract your highest good to you.

Step 3. Make a list of what needs to happen:
Now that you know where you want to be, it’s easier to think in terms of what has to happen so you to can arrive there. Don’t worry about prioritizing your list yet, just grab a pen and start writing all your thoughts and ideas on what actions need to be taken, what you have to take care of, what you have to learn.
I encourage you to make two lists right away: One for you, one for the Universe. This way you don’t feel it’s all on your shoulders to create; you can more confidently rely on the Universe to supply what you will need in the process. The items on your list might be “Research and contact possible funding sources”; an item for the Universe would be: “Direct me to the right information about possible funding sources”.
Make this list really extensive and keep adding to it whenever you think of something new.

Step 4. Organize and prioritize your action plan:
Organize your list. Break some items down into smaller pieces if you need to. For example, “Research possible financing sources” might be broken down to: Research SBA’s website and educate myself about SBA financing opportunities, read a book regarding financing for small businesses, make a list of friends and relatives I can approach regarding investing in my business, educate myself about venture capital financing, research equipment leasing options, etc.
Now prioritize all action steps according to what needs to fall in place first, second, etc. Then assign due dates to your items. Due dates create a stronger intention and a more solid commitment. There is magic in due dates: If you do your best to accomplish something by a certain date, the Universe will cooperate by supplying all things needed for you to be able to do just that.
Take into consideration how much time you have available to actually spend on working on it on a daily or weekly basis so you can set realistic expectations. Remember to structure it in a way that will allow you to enjoy the process of your dream business creation. The process counts just as much as actually getting there.

Step 5. Get into action
That’ just it, get into action. It’s easy now, because you know what to do first. Put it in your calendar and start creating. There is nothing better than being in action, it creates a shift in our readiness, and it opens us up to the support of the Universe. So go into action joyously and expect things to fall into place. Anticipate a fascinating journey when you start creating your business: you will learn a ton, you will expand, you will get to know yourself like never before. Revisit your action plan periodically and make adjustments when necessary. Stay in touch with the big picture. Stay in touch with your grand vision of success. Start your day with this vision. Let it energize you, let it attract to you all that you need and desire, and more.

Bon voyage!

Author's Bio: 

Margaret Moczkowski is a professional business coach and consultant. She helps people who have a heart’s desire to start and succeed in a business which would align them with their higher purpose and create a prosperous and fulfilling living out of it. She works with individuals and businesses that have a yearning to serve the world using their best talents, passion and vision. She is the author of the “Spiritual Guide to Your Own Business”, which she offers complimentarily on her web site. You can visit her at