In our world of bigger, faster, stronger, better, we often overlook what it takes to get that way. We act on impulse and will sacrifice our future for the day at hand. Have you thought about how your current actions affect the world around you or your future?

It was the act of a small child that got me really thinking about it. My oldest daughter was recently obsessed with the idea to make recycling boxes for our home. She had a grand idea that we could decorate them with little arrows and write the names of each item that we needed to recycle. She had obviously watched a show about it as she knew we should recycle paper, plastics, glass and metals. She was relentless in her pursuit of the perfect boxes and getting them decorated.

At first I ignored her ideas with a “yeah, yeah, we’ll get to that” then I thought…”Why not?” Here she is, actually doing more then just decorating boxes with arrows…she’s preserving her future. And shouldn’t we all? How hard is it to take that first step? And aren’t I always the one talking about how taking small steps can make big things happen? This was just another perfect example of how each of us can do just that. So we got some boxes, and with a little help, adorned them with arrows, pictures of their intended content and words to match. We are now doing a very small part to preserve our environment and taking another step forward in our new quest to live green.

What are you going to do to ensure that our future can be a bigger, better and healthier place to be? Take a look at how you are living and calculate your carbon footprint at such sites as Then find some small ways that you can make a difference. Make your own recycling boxes, change to fluorescent light bulbs and walk instead of driving whenever you can. There are tons of web sites out there that will give you information on how to lower your carbon footprint. So take a step in the right direction…start living green.

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