At my daughter’s softball banquet a couple months ago, the coach was continuously interrupted by numerous cell phone calls to members of the team.

My wife, Patti, went to a farewell dinner with a friend who was moving away. She spent most of the dinner answering and talking on her cell phone.

A friend of ours paid us a visit. Every time his cell phone rang, he answered it.

I took my wife to the number one rated restaurant in Washington, D.C., for her birthday last month. The menu requested that patrons refrain from cell phone use, but we heard many phones ringing and observed many conversations.

At a conference my wife attended, one of the speakers had her deputy sit with her cell phone so he could answer her calls while she was speaking.

I could go on and on.

I have a cell phone. So does my wife. They are a great device and very useful, especially in emergencies. We don’t need to be in constant contact, though, with everyone we know. We don’t try to be rude, either.

I describe the four key mental factors for peak performance as the Winner’s CAFÉTM, self Control, positive Attitude, present Focus and winning Effort. In order to perform at your peak you must be focused. In order to have peak life experiences, you must be focused on the present. You must be focused on where you are. How can some one possibly be focused on the present when they are always on their cell phone?

It seems that many people miss their life because their focus is always somewhere else. They are thinking about past mistakes, worrying about what is going to happen in the future, or talking on their cell phone to someone who is elsewhere. Their body may be with you, but their minds are somewhere else. They simply aren’t present. As a result they miss most of their life and eventually they regret it.

In order to have any type of peak experience or peak performance you must focus on the present. That is the meaning of the quote by Jim Rohn which serves as the title of this article. No matter where you may be, be there; be present. Focus on your surroundings, concentrate on what you are doing, give your attention to the people you are with. Just connect with where you are.

A couple weeks ago, I was preparing for a briefing and also had some other tasks that needed to be completed. I would start working on the briefing and then allow my thoughts to wander to some other task and then another, trying to do something with each. I soon became agitated and frustrated. I felt like I was moving faster and faster and not accomplishing anything. Finally , I realized I was not focusing. I was losing self control and I was struggling. I was trying to do too many things at once.

Present Focus is necessary for peak performance. Success comes from focusing on one thing at a time. Multi-tasking is a buzz word we all know but doesn’t that really refer to computers? How many times have you heard these statements?

“He tried to run with the ball before he caught it.”

“She tried to throw the ball before she had it.”

“He tried to shoot the ball before he caught the pass.”

“I am trying to do too many things at once.”

“I have too many things on my to-do list.”

Success is the result of many small steps completed one at a time. The successful completion of these small steps leads to peak performance. The small steps are completed by focusing on the present task at hand. The game is played one play at a time. Life is lived one present moment at a time. It does no good to think about what already occurred and it does no good to worry about the future. By focusing on, and successfully completing the present play will put you in position to succeed on the next play and so on, until you have successfully completed your task.

You can only control the present moment. You cannot change the past; you cannot control the future. You learn from the past and you prepare for the future. The only control you have is what you are doing in the present moment. Your success in sports or in life is a result of your focus in the present moment. You reach peak performance in the present.

The cell phone is a great asset. Let’s not become a slave to it, however. Be present where you are and who you are with. Focus on the present. Enjoy your surroundings. Be keenly aware of what is happening around you. Concentrate on who you are with. Show them that you care. Focus and make each moment a peak experience.

“Where ever you are, be there.” And turn off your cell phone!

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Lee Stang, personal success coach and motivational speaker, is founder and owner of LS2 Success Coaching. Lee’s coaching enables individuals to produce the winning effort necessary to achieve peak performance in life or sports. He speaks on a wide variety of success topics and mental success techniques. Visit him on his website at While there sign up for his free monthly newsletter, The Winner's ExTRA. Or email him at