Would you like to know how to increase the size and profitability of your business and the value of every client or customer you have? It’s actually REALLY easy and I am going to show you right here, in this article for free!

Firstly, I would like to tell you about a common mistake, which in my experience almost every business makes AND which is costing them a fortune in lost business, lost opportunities and lost profits. When you fully realise the value of what I am about to share with you and work with it, you can massively increase your sales and profits with little effort. The common mistake is simply this:

Most businesses fail to differentiate themselves from their competitors! They use the same ideas as their competitors to sell their products or services to the same people!

If you look at the companies in any industry or profession, literally 99% of them use the same marketing messages and tools. They advertise in the same places and use the same generic promises of “great customer services” or “a free initial consultation” etc.

Why is this such a problem and what is the answer?

If you and your competitors are simply replicating one another’s marketing, you literally cancel one another out! The only winners are those you waste your money advertising and marketing with. You are also potentially killing your business! When you replicate the approach of your competitors, you make it impossible for a potential client/customer to differentiate you from any other provider out there. So, what does a potential client/customer (from herein referred to as a client) do when they have nothing obvious to base a buying decision on?

Simple - They base their judgement on PRICE or FEE!

You decide to meet three different accountancy firms. The first quotes you $1,500 for your requirements, the second quotes you $2,000 and the third $3,000. Based on the facts as you know them; that each accountant promises great customer service and that your needs would be handled by a qualified professional – which would you choose?

In almost every case, with little to differentiate the three potential providers, one would select the least expensive quote. After all, the ‘cheapest’ quote was from a qualified accountant just like the most expensive – SO WHY PAY MORE?

I use the example of an accountant because they, along with realtors, lawyers, MLM and insurance professionals are generally regarded as the worst when it comes to using the same generic ideas to market their selves. They tend to all read the same marketing books, listen to the same ‘industry experts’ and attend the same seminars.

This means you have people from the SAME industry, in the SAME area, using the SAME marketing ideas, to sell the SAME service to the SAME prospective clients – THEN THEY COMPLAIN BECAUSE THEIR CLIENTS ARE ‘FEE-SENSITIVE!’ What other than fee does a potential client have in order to make a purchasing decision, when fee or cost is all that differentiates them?

In one accountancy firm recently, I was able to win them over 30 new clients almost immediately, simply by using ideas like the ones I am about to give you!

Obviously, it is impossible here to give you a full breakdown of all the things I do in order to transform a company’s results and fortunes – but here are a couple of things I have used with great success with hundreds of my clients. There are STACKS more FREE ideas on my website – see below for the link!

Offer something that you know your competitors are not offering. If you are currently using generic promises like “we offer superb customer service” or the dreaded “free initial consultation” - guess what? Your competitors are all saying / offering it too – RENDERING IT WORTHLESS. Potential clients expect great customer service and no-one expects to pay to be sold to in an initial consultation.

By developing a true, valuable USP for your company and then using that as the cornerstone of your marketing message, you actually set yourself apart from the crowd and make it easy for a potential client to pick you from the bunch. Your USP MUST be something that a potential client would value – like being open earlier or later than your competitors.

What are people in other industries or professions doing to win business that could be successfully applied to your business? I have experienced too many successes to mention, where a company has generated hundreds of percent increases in profits, by using an idea to generate business that already works outside of their field.

A great example of the effectiveness of this strategy is the music industry. For years they moaned about the ‘threat’ of people downloading their music illegally – without offering people the opportunity to legally download music from their internet sites. Eventually, someone looked at the model used to sell ring-tones to mobile ‘phone users and applied it to the music industry. The rest is history!

For more ideas to help you transform your sales, boost your profits and supercharge your results, take a look around my web site (see below)

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