A dog’s personality and disposition may be very important to his dog training. Your dog may respond better to various training methods based upon his or her disposition. And of course, some dogs have more difficult personalities and some dogs are just smart and easygoing. But there are a few concepts in dog training that work with any dog.

Timing is crucial when you are training a dog. We may attribute human characteristics to our dogs but dogs are not human and they do not understand human concepts. That means that if you want to correct your dog for pooping on the floor you must catch him in the act. If you find the mess later and try to correct him then he will have no idea why he is being scolded and your correction will be useless.

You must be consistent when you are training a dog. Dogs do not comprehend the meaning of “sometimes”. So if you do not want your dog to jump on you when you are wearing your nice business suit then you must never let him jump on you when you are wearing your jeans. If you do not want your dog to chew on your beautiful new and expensive pumps you cannot allow him to chew on your old ratty tennis shoe. With a dog you must be consistent with everything, every time.

Many owners get caught up in giving corrections and they fail to give enough praise. Make sure your dog knows when he is doing something right. Most dogs will learn faster and easier when they receive a lot of love and praise. Make sure you have a good balance of corrections and praise.

When you give your dog a command he must obey, every time. If he does not follow through then show him what he must do but do not let him get away with not following your command. Dogs don’t understand the concept of “sometimes”. You must be decisive and firm every time.

Your training will be more successful if you make it fun. Add in some games and some playing while your dog is learning. It will be good for both of you.

Be fair and reasonable with your dog. He needs to clearly understand exactly what you want. You can break up your training schedules into smaller parts if that will help but it is crucial that he clearly understands what he is expected to do. He can’t please you if he doesn’t know how.

As the owner, you have the responsibility of making sure your dog is well trained and well behaved. Take into consideration his own personality and work with him as necessary.

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Kevin Lynch is a devoted dog lover who teaches dog obedience training in the southwestern part of the United States. If you are interested in the best ways house training your puppy, then check out the articles by this professional dog-trainer.