When people hear about speed reading, they usually want to know more about it. They also want to have their children learn the skill. But two problems get in the way:

1) It costs too much, usually $100 or more. Those in-class courses can run as high as $500 per person. AND
2) You must teach yourself using a book or one of those video courses. If you are not afraid to take charge and perhaps innovate as needed, you might do well with one of those courses. I personally know people who have learned to speed read from them. They can work for you, too. But for many people, the idea of teaching their children seems too time-consuming or difficult.

I am convinced that many more children would learn to speed read if parents could find a way to enroll their children into a live course with a real teacher, and be able to do it for a nominal fee of only $5 or less.

After several years of experimenting with different approaches to speed reading, I have now found a way for you to get someone to teach your children to speed read for only about $3 or less.

It's all very simple.

All you need are: a) a public school, and b) a lesson plan.

Here's how it works:

Find a school teacher who is interested in the concept of conducting an extracurricular speed reading class (possibly after school) as an "experiment." This teacher does not have to know how to speed read already. Try to find one who is not afraid to try new ideas, and is fun, if possible. I have never had to talk to more than two or three teachers before I found one who was interested in the idea. Scheduling time is just a matter of convenience for you and the teacher.

Filling this "experimental class" is easy. You shouldn't have any difficulty finding 10-15 kids in the school that also would like to learn to speed read (the office probably will be willing to put a notice in the bulletin and place a sign-up sheet in the office). Also have each child chip in $2-$3 to cover "class materials expenses" (i.e. the cost of the manual [see below]).

Fortunately, there is also a reliable lesson plan that can be used by any teacher (or parent for that matter) for teaching speed reading to children (it actually works on adults, too). It's the manual entitled SPEED READING 4 KIDS. It can be successfully used by instructors who cannot speed read themselves. I'm not joking. I personally know many people (both parents and teachers) who have used this manual to teach speed reading to children, with success, even though they themselves could not speed read.

The SPEED READING 4 KIDS manual is available from www.speedreading4kids.com.

What kind of results can you expect?

Results vary, but after 30 days, most kids can at least double or triple their reading speed. Many kids attain reading rates of over 2,000 words per minute with good comprehension (by comparison, most high school graduates read about 200 words per minute). I have even had some who got over 10,000 words per minute with incredibly good recall. What surprised me was that some "learning disabled" kids tend to do best of all, especially those with ADD and Dyslexia.

For more information on the SPEED READING 4 KIDS lesson plan, see www.speedreading4kids.com.

Author's Bio: 

George Stancliffe lives near Yakima, WA and teaches speed reading locally and nationally. In 1997 he formed the American Speed Reading Project, dedicated to making speed reading a universal skill for all children by the age of 12. He can be contacted at george@speedreading4kids.com