It's in all the books and courses lately, tobe successful online you have to joint ventureand tap into established marketers (gurus) hugelists and high traffic websites.

If you've ever tried it though, you know thatgetting ahold of a guru is not always as easyas it looks :-)

So how we track down the ever elusive "Guru"and convince him to do business with us?

Here are five quick tips that have worked forme and can work for you also.

First off though keep something in mind:

*They are REALLY busy*

When you do this stuff full time, every day andhave to manage 8 payperclick campaigns 12 websitesand 300 daily e-mails - time get's really tight.

Okay now, Step 1:

Use their name and get their attention FAST inthe subject with what your e-mail is about.

Just saying: Hi John isn't enough

Use something like:

John - Joint Venture or Interview Request

Step 2: Get to the point

If you've got them reading your e-mail don't wastethe opportunity, introduce yourself and explain thedetails but keep it short, if they're interestedyou can save it for the reply mail.

Step 3: Be Specific

Tell them what's in it for them and their subscribers.

This is your shot so make it a good one, they get somany requests in a given week that you have to makeyours stand out from the crowd or all is lost.

Step 4: Give it time

Don't mail again and again obsessively if they don'trespond right away. It's okay to follow up later oncein case they missed your mail but pestering them willget you the delete key fast.

Step 5: Don't give up

If one guru declines to work with you, don't take itpersonally. It might be the wrong time or offer fortheir list.

Just end it politely and move on to your nextprospect.

Successful joint ventures happen every day online andif you follow these 4 steps, you can make it happenfor yourself and explode your online business.

What are you waiting for?

Go do it now!

Copyright 2005 - John Stafford

Author's Bio: 

John Stafford is the author of: "Your Money Is In The List -Learn How To Quickly And Easily Build Your Own Hyper-Responsive Opt-In Mailing List And Milk It For EverythingIts Worth... Even On A Shoestring Budget"