While it's nice to freshen your living space, learning how to clean out limiting thought patterns and beliefs is even more important than washing the windows!

Ah, May! The days are getting longer and the buds on the trees are bursting. What a wonderful time of year to be awake and alive! Nourishing your body, mind and spirit has never been easier as more and more people find their way on the Law of Attraction path. So this year, with a little help from LOA, you can clean more than the cobwebs from the corners of your house.

First, let's talk about the hottest buzzword of the decade, Law of Attraction. Simply stated, it means, "like attracts like." There are many ways that's expressed in our culture, such as 'birds of a feather flock together' or 'misery loves company.' What those expressions are communicating is that at the deepest level, we create our own reality based on our thoughts. It's not just the thoughts that shape our lives; it's how we feel about what we're thinking about. Or, as Abraham-Hicks says it, "how you feel and what you get are always a match."

At first, that may seem too daunting to even contemplate! But as you begin to work with this ancient universal spiritual principle, you come to appreciate its equanimity and even-handedness. That's when the fun begins!

Does that mean you have to monitor every thought you think? Of course not! That would be impossible…and not a lot of fun. What is does mean is that the more you pay attention, the more you'll notice what subjects trigger negative feelings and what subjects trigger positive ones. That's where spring-cleaning comes in!

Let's say you want a relationship in your life. How does that thought make you feel? Are you excited at the prospect? Or depressed that it hasn't happened yet? Do you believe you'll meet the mate of your dreams? Or do you believe "all the good ones are taken?"

What about money? Do you believe you can have as much as you want? Or do you think you'll always need more? Are you someone who feels rich, no matter how much you have in the bank? Or do you feel poor, no matter how much you have in the bank? What other negative declarative statements are you harboring in your closet?

Spring-cleaning can bring you face to face with your long-held negative beliefs. A belief is only a thought we keep thinking. Sometimes, they are transparent beliefs – we don't even realize we're holding them until we look closely and see how they're holding us back!

Here are some spring-cleaning tips to help you get on track for all of your greatest desires:

1. Make a list of the most important parts of your life. The list might include relationships, job, money, home, family, friends.
2. Write down whatever comes into your mind about those subjects.
3. Read what you've written with an awareness of how your beliefs shape your reality. Are there any thoughts or beliefs you might want to change? Great! You've found the hidden dust-bunnies!
4. Write affirmative statements in the present tense about the subjects you've chosen. For example, "I am living the life of my dreams with my soulmate." Or, "I have a wonderful job that pays me more money than I need."

In the same way you go through your closet at the start of the season, take some time to go through your beliefs and change the ones that don't serve you. Not only will you start manifesting more quickly, you'll find more room in your closet for a whole wardrobe of new thoughts!

Author's Bio: 

Sandi Kimmel is a Musical Motivational Speaker, recording artist, songwriter and Joy Maker, bringing her blend of spirit, story and song to a wide variety of audiences. Sandi teaches the principles of Law of Attraction through her music and her two popular CDs of original heart-healing and self-esteem building songs, TRANSITIONS and MUSIC IN MY SOUL, are loved by people of all ages worldwide, uplifting listeners with her warm and soothing voice, tuneful songs and loving energy.

Called “a lifeguard in a sea of negativity” and “a born teacher of all things that help people find their dreams,” Sandi weaves positive music and ancient wisdom to touch the heart and nourish the soul. A natural “uplifter,” Sandi uses her songs and her heart to deliver motivational messages of empowerment, self-discovery and self-acceptance, and gently assists audiences in making positive and lasting changes in their lives by embracing their own potential and authenticity. She has presented keynotes, concerts and workshops at national conferences, state associations, wellness retreats, Religious Science and Unity churches, hospitals, spiritual centers, and many other venues across the country.

After leaving her corporate career, Sandi taught “Yoga for the Reluctant,” stress reduction and meditation to thousands of people in the New York area. In addition to her teaching and her music, Sandi is an award-winning writer who has been published in Family Circle Magazine, and has earned first place awards for some of her stories. Together with her husband, Patrick Murphy, Sandi created HEART WIDE OPEN – Self-Care for Caregivers, a unique handbook filled with tips to help people come back into balance.

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