Where am I lucky? Where do I have talents I may not know about? Have I earned or learned anything in a former life that can help me now? YES! As an astrologer, these are the questions I often hear, and there¡¦s a way you can explore this yourself without having to have private sessions with your astrologer. You simply need to find where Jupiter is on your chart-- Jupiter is the largest planet in the solar system, and for you it represents the area of your life where you have an innate sense of optimism and a unique opportunity.

If you have ever had your chart done, and can find a copy of it, this article will tell you how to find where Jupiter is in your chart--and in your life-- for this is the area where you have built up karmic credit that you can turn into gold.

Gold? Alchemical/philosophical gold or money? Both. Where you have Jupiter is where you are likely to have abundance, opportunities, talent, faith, and expansiveness¡Xwhich can easily translate into money. Jupiter was called ¡§the old beneficent¡¨ in ancient astrological texts, and its position and transits were always deemed lucky, and even somewhat protective. Today we also know that Jupiter has a down side¡X¡§too muchness:¡¨ too much abundance, too much faith (arrogance), even too much food¡Xand therefore weight! But even so, with a little forethought it¡¦s not hard to make Jupiter work for you rather than overdoing its blessings.

If you¡¦re looking at your chart now, look forƒnthe glyph that looks like the number 4 done in fancy calligraphy, with an open ended top. It will be in one of the 12 sections of the chart¡¦s circle and will have a number next to it. Don¡¦t worry about the number¡Xyou can ask your astrologer to explain the sign and aspects of Jupiter, but for now we¡¦re just going to locate where it is in your chart.

Your chart is a circle that is divided into 12 sections. Each section represents a different sphere of your life and Jupiter is sitting happily in one of the sections. Now if you will imagine your chart to be a clock, put your pen at the section of the circle that would be the hour between 8:00 and 9:00. This is the section called the ¡§first house.¡¨ The next section, going counter-clockwise (between the hours of 7:00 and 8:00) is the second house. Now write in the numbers of each section from 1 to 12 going counter-clockwise in your circle and note where your Jupiter is¡Kit¡¦s like a map, and you¡¦ve just found the gold.

Here¡¦s a short translation of what Jupiter in each area, or ¡¥house¡¦ represents:

1st House: You have an enthusiastic personality, a warm hearted optimistic style, a sense of self-awareness, and usually good health. People tend to really like you, simply for who you are. Your ability to deal effectively and pleasingly with others will always be a part of your grace or ¡§gold.¡¨ This is a position where you need to guard against over-eating and drinking¡Xinstead, let your enthusiasm for life move you towards saying yes to abundant opportunities. Sales work, teaching, and anything where your personality makes a difference is favored work.

2nd House: You are likely to find that you have strong urges to make money and the willingness to take the financial risks that pay off for you. (If you haven¡¦t tried it, now¡¦s the time!) Jupiter here brings generosity of heart and an abundance of resources¡Xyou know the value of true wealth and need never fear poverty. If afflicted (ask your astrologer) you could go over-board in a fling of investing or spending, but generally, anything involving financial investments, public relations, and the arts are favored.

3rd House: Jupiter¡¦s influence here reflects a bright and savvy intellect that enjoys a mental challenge. Dare to share your opinions as you tend to be lucky in the world of communications---teaching, writing, working with children, and journalism are favored.

Also consider working in your local area or neighborhood, and consider engaging your brothers and/or sisters to help you--they can be a benefit to you.

4th House: Your early family life and married family life or favored here, as you create a great home atmosphere. Your family roots can nourish you as you understand the world of feelings and the importance of family, home and emotional bonding. You benefit from women and your extended family. Psychology, real estate, interior design, parenting and home/ landscape design are favored.

5th House: Optimism, enthusiasm, and a creative flair are reflected here. Try your hand at acting, painting, singing¡Xany of the arts are favored. There can be a tendency toward risk taking and gambling, yet you sometimes seem luckier than the average person does when it comes to those things¡K. and with a little caution you can do well on your hunches. Working with children and all self-expressive activities are favored.

6th House: Being of help to others comes naturally to you and you are good at it. Your generous spirit and willingness to work hard often means you¡¦re seldom without things to do¡Xagain don¡¦t overdo, either with work, or with eating and drinking. You will find you have talent in crafts, in communication fields, and in all the helping and medical professions. Your health is good, and when you help others, you empower yourself.

7th House: The challenges and rewards of marriage are an issue for you, and you usually benefit both emotionally and financially from being married. However, don¡¦t let your expectations of your mate keep you from ¡§working¡¨ on the relationship, or you may find you have an abundance of marriages and partnerships. You prosper when you work with others, as anything you do ¡§in tandem¡¨ tends to bring you luck.

8th House: Financial gains through investment and inheritance is often indicated here. There¡¦s also sexual exuberance, and a certain luck and deep understanding in dealing with life¡¦s major transition points¡Xmarriage, death, religion, etc. Following your interest in spirituality benefits you. Psychology, investigative work, research, and banking are all favored. Building and using joint resources will tend to bring you wealth.

9th House: The imagination and intellect are stimulated and strong here, and there¡¦s a deep spiritual understanding of people and other cultures. Travel, international relations, religious/philosophical work, teaching, law, and publishing are all areas of gold for you. You have an adventuresome spirit and need to bring a sense of freedom and possibility to whatever you do.

10th House: You¡¦ve got dramatic flair and tend to be lucky in careers where you can stand out and shine. You¡¦ve got both an enthusiastic and practical approach to most situations which gives you a successful edge in whatever you do. With Jupiter here you tend to follow your vision to the top of your field and you are steadfast and successful with your career. Politics, acting, management, and anything that puts you in the public eye are favored.

11th House: You have a great way with people, and know how to work successfully in groups of all kinds. Work on committees, take a political office, and use your networking skills in everything you do. Friendships are rewarding and benefit you. Fundraising, social activism and humanitarian work are all favored. Keep adjusting your priorities and goals and dreams.

12th House: You¡¦ve got an inner sanctuary in your psyche that brings you peace of mind whenever you turn inward. Jupiter is ruling your unconscious and can come up in all the areas of your life when you least expect it. Your keen mind has a philosophical edge to it that permeates whatever you do. Your work speaks for itself, so no need to be ¡§on stage.¡¨ The arts, crafts, writing, and the helping professions are particularly good for you.

This ¡¥taste of Jupiter¡¦ is a beginning, but there¡¦s much more to be savored and explored in this area¡Xask your astrologer for the full story on the sign and aspects to your Jupiter. Now that you know the area that Jupiter rules in your chart, you¡¦ll understand more about how to ¡¥mine this gold¡¦ when you get a full reading about Jupiter in your life. And remember, as long as you don¡¦t overdo things in the area that Jupiter rules, you¡¦ll tend to be lucky in that sphere of your life---for you¡¦ve earned that karmic gold!

Elizabeth Spring, MA has been an astrologer and counselor since 1992. She has studied astrology and the work of Carl Jung in England, Switzerland, and California, and has written numerous articles for newspapers and magazines, which can be read on-line. She does readings by phone (401-294-5863) and in person (R.I.), and can be contacted through her web site: www.elizabethspring.com or at: elizabethspring@aol.

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Elizabeth Spring, MA has been an astrologer and counselor since 1992. She has studied astrology and the work of Carl Jung in England, Switzerland, and California, and has written numerous articles for magazines which can be read on-line. She does readings by phone and can be contaced at her web site : www.elizabethspring.com or elizabethspring@aol.com