Sports hypnosis is a topic of conversation that is seldom talked about but it's one type of technique that is known to trainers, coaches and sports team owners.

Now if you would say visualization then every ones hand would go up in the air but, when you say Hypnosis a few will admit to it.

I always wondered why is this? maybe they feel anyone who attempts to try hypnosis is weak minded which is untrue. Maybe they think

the hypnotist might control your mind and thoughts again another myth a untruth. Then the real question is the one I believe everyone is afraid to ask

Then how does it work? A lot of people that i come in contact with have very little knowledge about hypnosis and how it works. It's actually very easy to understand.

so they think what they see on TV is accurate but, it's not that's why it's Television make believe.

Let me help you as the reader understand this let's try a simple experiment right now,

just close your eyes and count to five then open your eyes. There you go you have experienced hypnosis its all a mental game.

Now when it comes to sports it's a similar technique, closing the eyes and visualize and setting your goals. Its effective and anyone in the sports field that wants results uses hypnosis. A individual athlete looking for focus and concentration would be excellent clients for hypnosis.

Hypnosis enhances the sports, retains ,memory, helps in focus and concentration. Hypnosis helps the athlete as an individual or as a team.

As a Team hypnosis can also prepare the team as a group and make them get motivated, work effectively together and get their visualization skills a fine tuning.

Either way hypnosis is effective as long as you let it happen. There is no will power, no secrets or hocus pocus its not a magic trick it's your mind.

I have clients in all areas of the professional sports teams and they find that after a sports enhancement session they have improved in attitude, playing time and execution. They find that the stress and anxiety levels has decreased and now that they have their focus and concentration level at it's highest.

If you have never tried hypnosis give it a shot. It's harmless, it's effective with no side effects. Reach for your goals by being hypnotized and see it happen right before your eyes. Remember it's mind over matter and be let yourself be successful let it happen...Let hypnosis help you achieve your goals in sports it's just that easy, It's all up to you.

Author's Bio: 

Pattie Freeman is a Certified Hypnotherapist and Sports Hypnotist. She has worked with various professional athletes helping them improve and enhance their sport and personal lifestyles through goal setting, visualization techniques and focusing on the reasults they want to accomplish.

Pattie Freeman is located in Scottdale Arizona but she also has Cds to improve your life and provides phone hypnosis.