I just found out that someone I know has cancer at the base of the tongue. He does not practice yoga. Is there any significance to developing cancer on such a site?



Dear R.,

Your friend has my prayers to go through this challenge with kindness and great self love!

I have been doing intuitive transformational healing with folks for many, many years now. And what I always find is that diseases, discomforts and accidents are not what I would call karmic punishments. Karma of any kind is Soul's way of introducing us to the next chapter of transformation leading to our development of pure wisdom—if we want to take it on then. As Yogi Bhajan always said, "There is no right and no wrong (i.e. no good, no bad). Thinking makes it so."

So, Dear, I don't mean to single you out, but you have given me the opportunity to speak to all our kind readers.

I do not subscribe to any pre-written system that identifies people's difficulties as being caused by their own deficiencies for three reasons. The first is because that usually makes the sufferer feel so guilty that they brought this on themselves--which usually retards their healing.

Next is that in my experience, this cookie cutter, one-system-fits-all does not deal with the actual source of that person's specific challenge. Although I do find the amazing energetic/emotional/belief source of one’s illness or accident through my intuitive seeing and do my best to joyfully help them see what an incredible opening this is for them—which it always is, I find that the cookie cutter method of linking the imbalance of one body part to a certain emotional deficiency to be superficial and most often wrong in an individual case. I also get that person in touch with their own Soul Who give amazing understanding of what is up for them, and how to move through their transformation!

And the third reason that I don’t use any pre-categorized system for determining cause is that the "spiritual people" around that ailing person often use that “information” to heavily judge that person on the supposed cause and remediation of their challenge, thereby imposing all kinds of stupid ego stuff on them under the guise of "helping them." You might like to read a newsletter article that I wrote about this at . It's the last article on that page. Can you believe that one very solid person actually didn't tell any of their vast number of "spiritual" friends that they had cancer because they knew that those inevitable judgments would injure them even more?

My suggestion would be to please first LOVE that person who is facing the most amazing challenge of their life! That is the very most powerful way that anyone can support another person's healing on all levels—physical, mental and spiritual! Don't be freaked out by their illness or accident to the point that you need to lecture them on complicated "laws of the spirit." Imposing that would only be your way of mentally distancing yourself from your fear of their predicament while trying to maintain a "spiritual" front. Instead, sit with them, listen to them, be kind to them, serve them, and don't judge them. That neutrality and love is the essence of your Spiritual Path and it can provide terrific healing for them, which is their prerogative to accept or not accept—no judgment. And if they are interested in energy healing, herbs, yoga and meditation, etc., please kindly and lovingly serve them with it. And definitely pray for them! You just can’t imagine what an extraordinary impact your prayer has! It is absolutely real!

In my practice, I have invariably found that before our Soul comes into our body for a lifetime, it has already chosen our challenges! And the accidents, illnesses, and other huge surprises that we face are actually doorways that our Soul has pre-imbedded into the course of our life to provide opportunities for growth, uncovering the next level of Who we are, forgiving ourselves and others as we are ready, providing opportunities to love even more, and so on.

So frankly, one person can’t judge another person’s cause of difficulty, or their pursuit of any course of healing, or even their avoiding it. That healing path decision lies with the one who is facing the challenge. When viewed on the huge scale of so many lifetimes that Soul takes on, THERE IS SO MUCH TO GAIN BY EITHER OPENING TO HEALING OR NOT—either way! In the larger picture, nothing is lost. So, please love them, pray for them and serve them as best you can. That’s it!

Yogi Bhajan always said that we can walk this spiritual path fast or slow, but in the end, we all arrive at the same destination--full union with our God Source! Love, service, neutrality (not numbness or cutting off, but being in the full, open presence of our God Self)--those are the foundations of our spiritual path, no matter which discipline you choose. So, Dear, I know that you, in your good and caring heart can do this!

Lots of Love,
Siri-Gian Khalsa

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