When you know the talents, skills and interest your soul brought with you into this life, you are then well on your way to finding your Life’s Work.

Spiritually speaking, you find God in your job when you recognize, or remember, the gifts He gave you.

Why work 40 hours a week in a job that leaves you bored, mad or exhausted? You don’t have to.

When we make use of our gifts, we’ll find work that is not only rewarding, but rejuvenating, exciting and fulfilling.

There is a job like this for you. God gave you everything you need to succeed. So, what’s stopping you? Either you’ve forgotten what those gifts are or you know them, but are not using them.

So, how do you find God in your job?
• Make a list of your 3 favorite skills
• List your top 3 values
• Which 3 areas of life hold the most interest for you?

Now ask yourself if you are making the best use of these treasures in your own job. Imagine having an artistic, creative talent and working like Bob Cratchit for Mr. Scrooge, tucked away in a back room somewhere, bent over your ledgers?

Let me give you an example of how this works, using my own top 9 spiritual gifts.
• SKILLS - Organized, Communications, Teacher
• VALUES - Healing what’s not working, Solutions, rather than self pity
• INTERESTS - Spirituality, Getting to know people, Writing

What I have done with these top 9 gifts is built a business where I teach others how to remember their spiritual gifts and help them Discover their own Life’s Work.

What are your top 9 gifts from God and how can you combine them to find the perfect career for you?

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Author's Bio: 

Certified Behavioral Therapist and Spiritual Career Counselor, Kathi Calahan is "The Idea Queen" and "Go-To Person" for solutions to your everyday problems. Using the principles of spirituality, she will help you find the work best suited to your personality and Soul's desire.

Her background includes teaching at two different California community colleges, a business representative at the Camp Verde Chamber of Commerce and for many years developed her spiritual side by working as a Professional Psychic.

Helping you discover your life's work is done through her company, Finding God, Practical & Spiritual Solutions to Everyday Problems. www.godseer.com