Spiritual retreats are becoming more popular than ever, as they are getaways that can be done either as a personal adventure or one with other people. They are usually held in a nature and/or natural setting so that you can heal the mind, body and spirit.

What is important to know is that spiritual retreats are not about religion, but are instead about focusing on spirituality, which means that most retreats are open to people of all faiths. Most retreats are based on the fundamental fact that each of us has the answers within and we are all traveling on our own individual and unique spiritual journey.

Spiritual retreats are truly a vacation that will restore you, heart and soul, and send you back into your life refreshed. With so many reasons to go, it is little wonder spiritual retreats are a fast growing segment of group travel. This type of retreat is a powerful and transforming experience for all who attend one. Many people repeat this experience time after time and make it a yearly event in their life.

Thousands of Spiritual Retreats are held each year in the United States and Canada, many of them are so popular that they are booked months ahead, while others more private and are known to very few. If you are searching for your personal freedom and happiness and a loving and supportive environment retreats, sacred journeys and spiritual retreats are for you.

Usually they are offered throughout the year, they can be as short as 3 hours or as long as one week, depending on the type you are drawn to. What ever kind you choose they are a welcome relief from the hurried pace of everyday life and a tool to reclaim your vitality and inner peace through all kinds of therapeutic services like, health spa services, healing day packages, spiritual vortex tours, hypnotherapy, and luxurious retreat accommodations.

Once the retreat is completed and it is time to return home, the most memorable of the experience will be the thoughts, feelings and inner growth you have experienced during the retreat. To renew and refresh those experiences will be a Vision Map Video of the retreat, which you can get at the end of the retreat. This video will be compiled with pictures of the retreat and memorable sayings during the events, all put together with music and then in video format that will be a souvenir forever and of course a reminder to attend again and renew those feelings you had the time before.

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