Don’t let the title of this article about Spiritual Healing put you off. Our definition of Spiritual Healing is this. It is the assistance that a group of ordinary people and the Creator offer to you, using a non contact healing Process that utilizes the Creator’s Love (Divine Love).

There are many techniques for relieving stress today, but are you aware that the reason you may have stress is because you are trapping the energy of stress in your body? The CAUSE or SOURCE of that entrapment must also be dealt with and released. Otherwise, you start to build up stress again.

Once you release the CAUSE the body will no longer store that type of stress. Wouldn’t that be a neat thing to experience in your life considering all the stressful things to which you are exposed? The even better news is that you do not need to consciously identify what that CAUSE is, where it is stored in your system or what caused it in the first place!

It has been 29 years since I first started healing research and to facilitate healings. We used to help people one at a time recover from STRESS overloads and other issues. We saw that there simply was not enough time to help everyone in need. There had to be a better way. We reasoned that if we could develop a method where groups of people could work together in a safe setting, then many people could be served - without us being present.

We reviewed the Energy Principles of healing that we had learned. We came up with 13 based upon proofs we could document. Our goal was to incorporate the Principles in an understandable course for use by the general public.

As a scientist it was important to me that anything we taught the public be REAL and REPEATABLE. The first step was to provide a way to educate people on how researchers currently view the human body as a composite of energy particles that can be adjusted to release whatever made us unwell or unhappy.

The next step was to put the Energy Principles into a course that you could review and then apply. The result is the Divine Love Group Healing Process. It can be used alone, with a friend, or in a large group of people to help you. The Process is available at no cost at:
Once you understand the basics, you can use the Process to free yourself or others from most problems, rapidly and without pain. It is also a natural fit for support groups that want to make a difference.

Try the Process, it works. Then share your experience by helping others.

You might also want to check our main World Service Institute website at for the latest findings on body energy and suggestions on how to understand and apply the energy of Divine Love.

Author's Bio: 

Bob enjoyed a 40-year career as a Professional Chemical Engineer and Business Manager.

In 1979 Bob formed a lifelong friendship with Marcel Vogel, a world renowned IBM scientist. Bob, Marcel and a team of dedicated professionals put together a research laboratory in San Jose, California. Once in place, the lab team began a scientific study of subtle energy healing principles.

Marcel, Bob and others doctors affiliated with the lab taught these emerging energy principles through experiential workshops to help people heal their lives and health problems. The key teachings were based upon recognizing that the Creator's love is real and is an energy that can be experienced in our lives to clear us of many problems in the human condition.

Bob formed World Service Institute as a nonprofit nondenominational teaching company to teach the general public to understand and respectfully apply Divine Love in resolving social and health problems.

Contact Bob at: if you have questions or need help.