Maybe what’s going on in the economy has nudged or forced you to consider how you can amp up every area of your business. Maybe this was on your mind before the shake-up, which has become a catalyst for shift sooner than later.

You’ve probably heard some say that this is actually a time of new opportunity, for innovation. Even if you face challenges, if this is your perspective, you’ll achieve your desired outcomes even that much faster. Not only is a positive attitude good for you, but clients and customers feel your confidence and energy, and they respond to it. Who doesn’t want to connect with a confident person who offers value and a solution at this time?

So, what can you do to create the shift you want?

First, get your energy aligned with the belief there is a solution and that you’ll find or create it. You’ve faced challenges before and gone beyond them. Think about what you did then, whether at the inner, outer, or both levels. What worked? What can you borrow from that time to use now? Especially when you feel challenged, remind yourself that if you found a solution before, you will again. Doubts that you can move forward create knots in your energy. You want to focus on what you can do and stay open to inspired ideas. You won’t leverage energy and time if you focus on what’s not working or what’s wrong. Follow Wallace Wattles’ suggestion in “The Science of Getting Rich”: don’t get competitive, get creative!

Second, write a letter to your inner guidance or whatever you call the infinite intelligence. You want to start by writing down everything you don’t want (non-paying, non-ideal clients, etc.) and don’t want to feel (anxious, overwhelmed, etc.). Then, write down everything you do want and do want to feel. Ask to be shown how to stay open to inspired ideas, next actions, and new opportunities. Keep a log of the positive evidences that come to you. They will.

Third, write down your vision of your ideal business. This includes every aspect you can think of from hours you work and vacation time to ideal clients who pay eagerly and value you and what you offer, to feeling motivated, relaxed, and in flow every morning you wake. Be selfish. What do you want your ideal business to look and feel like for you?

Fourth, write down the qualities of your ideal clients or customers. This may include demographics, geographics, and psychographics (niche-specific items), but this is your opportunity to list things you may never have considered before like: clients/customers value my services, are fun to work with, or that you build a genuine, long-lasting connection (relationship) with them that’s mutually beneficial.

Fifth, give thought to what is unique about you, not just your product or service. What is it that you bring to the table? Don’t discount anything as insignificant. One simple thing may make all the difference. Maybe you already do it and don’t know it. Maybe there’s something you’ve always wanted to do, but hesitate to take the risk. Think: Pet Rock.

Sixth, what would it look or feel like to move from selling to service? I don’t mean on the surface, I mean to the point where who you are and what you offer are one. How would clients or customers feel about talking with you if you weren’t attached to any outcome in your initial conversation other than to see if they’re your ideal you desire to work with or if what you offer really will solve their issue or problem?

Seventh, have you ever asked yourself what’s going on for clients or customers before you ask them? This isn’t as odd a question as it may seem. Truth is you have inner conversations with yourself all the time as you try to anticipate what a potential client or customer might ask or say. You can make this a more productive process so you feel comfortable and confident no matter what comes up in a conversation.

Eighth, do you have a plan? Does your plan break down into actions, steps, categories that require actions, and also deal with the “Yeah, buts” that come up?

As you consider the eight suggestions listed above, let your imagination lead you to open to how doing these might not only amp up your productivity, creativity, and enthusiasm, but lead you to the right words when you speak about yourself and what you do or create promotional and marketing materials. Imagine creating materials that serve rather than sell.

Don’t get competitive, get creative!

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