Almost everyone has had experiences where they think of something and "coincidentally" it appears: a person you hadn't seen in years shows up unexpectedly, a trial issue of a magazine is delivered to your home with just the information you needed, or you flip on the car radio to hear the lyrics of a song provide you with the answer to a burning question.

These meaningful coincidences, or synchronicities, are examples of the universe conspiring to provide you with what you want. If your goal is to live a life of ease and grace, you should learn to recognize and appreciate these synchronicities, for these are times when you are truly "in the flow."

Some scientists do not believe in synchronicities. They look at the universe as a mechanical, deterministic system, without taking into consideration the role of consciousness. They label these instances as mere coincidences and find statistical measures to explain them away. There is even a term known as "observer bias" that says when you are looking for a specific item or event, you are much more likely to notice it. An example would be if you wanted a red Ford Taurus, then you'd likely begin to notice them everywhere.

It's true that you are more likely to notice an object that you desire, but from a mystic perspective "observer bias" is, at best, an incomplete explanation. As mystics, we are 100% supportive of science and logical thinking. But by incorporating the role of consciousness into our world paradigm, we have a better and more accurate predictor of events. This is good science.

By thinking about a specific item, you are invoking the Law of Attraction. As was explained in last month's article, Thought Manifestation, everything is energy. Everything has its own unique frequency and you automatically attract energies of a
similar frequency. The energy of a thought will attract similar energies to it.

If your thoughts are filled with red Ford Tauruses, then you'll attract them to you. If your objective is to own a red Taurus, then you should visualize yourself driving the car, not just seeing it on the road or on TV. (See 3 Steps to Manifesting Your Ideal Life.)

The Law of Attraction is the underlying basis for these synchronicities.

Your external world is a reflection of your thoughts, feelings and beliefs. Since over 99% of the thoughts you are sending out to the universe are outside the awareness of your conscious mind, it's your internal thoughts, feelings and beliefs that are most influential.

When your thoughts are jumbled, you're sending out inconsistent signals. The world will appear as an unpredictable place, as your conscious mind's desires are contradicted by your internal thoughts, feelings and beliefs.

When your conscious mind is congruent with your internal world, you are sending out consistent signals. The universe responds and you recognize how everything just comes together. Your life will be filled with synchronicities, as your external world more accurately reflects your inner thoughts. When sports stars are "in the flow" they often describe the game as slowing down and becoming effortless. Naturally, you are also more likely to recognize a coincidence ("observer bias") but by having your internal and external worlds congruent, you are not just aware of it, but influencing its manifestation.

How can you do this?

Know thyself.

It's your responsibility and privilege to create incidents you want by being more mindful of your thoughts. Recognize whenever you are "in the flow" and take note of your thoughts and what you are doing. At the least, this is what you were meant to be doing at that particular moment in time. If you see a pattern, recognize that these thoughts and actions may be your life's work.

Remember, at your very core lies the Master Within, or your divine self. Your goal as a mystic is to attune with the Master Within, as you seek to become one with God. When you do this, your conscious mind and internal thoughts, feelings and beliefs will become congruent and synchronicities will become a way of life.

When all these aspects of your being are radiating energy in synch, miracles may occur. But it's not a miracle - it's a direct result of a perfectly understandable universal law. A bumper sticker states, "We don't believe in miracles, we rely on them." Similarly, don't believe your life is a random series of coincidences - make it miraculous.

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Edwin Harkness Spina is the author of the award-winning, visionary thriller, Mystic Warrior, a contributing author to the bestseller, 101 Ways to Improve Your Life, and the developer of Energy Center Clearing.

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