The allure of finishing a best-selling novel in record time or skimming a newsletter is enough to send an avid reader looking for ways to improve their reading speed and comprehension. A popular method of increasing skills as a reader is to invest in a speed reading program. In order to further enhance your abilities as a reader, there are various preparation measures you may follow to get the most out of a speed reading program. Below you will find a few things that makes the overall process easier:

1) Eye-Check

Some people who possess slow reading habits actually suffer from an undiagnosed problem with their vision. Having your eyes checked before starting a speed reading program helps you get the most out of associated exercises.

2) Current Reading Speed

Before you start a speed reading program, you probably want to know where you currently stand; therefore timing your reading speed allows you to track your progress. Throughout the program, you will want to monitor your improvement in reading, which also serves as a great motivating tool. A good way to track your reading speed is to choose a book (with stopwatch in hand) and time how long it takes to read a certain number of words on a page or test how many words on a page you can read within a specific amount of time.

3) Online Speed Test

On the Internet, there is a variety of online reading speed tests, where some of the same sites also provide reading comprehension tests. It is not only important to increase the rate at which you read a page, but also that you fully understand what you are reading.

4) Eliminate Distractions

Some people claim they are able to better read when they have music playing in the background or when they are seated at the local doughnut shop with many passersby. By eliminating outside distractions, many have seen an overall improvement in speedy reading. This approach also helps an individual to increase the absorption of the material regarding a speed reading program. When first starting out with a program, you should settle in an empty room, turn off the television, radio, and cell phone. Comprehension is also enhanced when one is able to fully focus on the material in front of them.

5) Get Ready for Practice

Even though you may seen an improvement in the speed of reading after using a program for a couple of times, it is still important to follow through, as it takes a lot of practice to get your level of reading and comprehension where you want it to be.

6) Regular Timing and Setting Goals

While you have probably timed yourself before the start of a speed reading program, it is important to continue timing your progress. After a week of practice, you should time yourself in the same manner you used before beginning a program (when applicable). Regular timing thereafter is also required, which is essential for keeping track of your future improvements. It also doesn’t hurt to set goals and plan small rewards for each accomplishment, such as purchasing a new book.

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