Speed reading is a skill that is frequently overlooked. This skill is one that can help any range of people including students, proofreaders, and corporate executives. There is a proven correlation between increasing the rate of which you read to the rate of comprehension. Which means the faster you can read the more you comprehend the material and the slower your read the more you can suffer from lack of comprehension.

After reading a large book or block of text most people feel a sense of accomplishment and so you should but the level of comprehension is the real triumph. Since comprehension is what makes the materials you just read useful such as when a student takes the SAT exam or an employee is trying to run a new piece of equipment after just reading the manual it's the the material you comprehended and can recall that makes the materials worth reading.

If while training to read quicker the importance of comprehension is ignored then the final outcome of the training will be tainted.

A person with good comprehension skills are able to figure out a block of text and then recall the most important pieces of information. The fact is that the rate of which you can read doesn't have anything to do with what you retain. Many software and other programs will tell you the complete opposite. They insist that the faster you read the material the more increased your level of comprehension.

To make a fair attempt to achieve both speed and comprehension, then it's crucial to make sure you don't get lost in focusing on specific points in every block of text that you read. Doing this will only decrease your rate of which you read. On the other hand if you focus too much on "good" comprehension it will have the same affect.

Many try to achieve a faster rate of reading and a good level of comprehension, however due to an increase amount of stress their efforts go unrewarded. So it is important to keep in mind that when it comes to speed reading and higher levels of comprehension, relaxation is the key.

A good way to approach speed reading and comprehension exercises is to give attention to the function of reading and the effortless extraction of information. In the end, you will find that the brain will deliberately acquire the right information as you continue to practice speed reading. It is also suggested to read freely, as you will experience final results in comprehension and speed reading that are quite welcomed.

One of the first rules of speed reading that many programs will emphasize is to stop rereading material, as it only weakens the ability to fully comprehend. The overall journey of speed reading helps to improve the skill of comprehension because the mind becomes better able to search for the information in text that matters. Training the mind to read at a faster rate will aid in the sharpening of comprehension skills when an effective balance is achieved.

Overall, investing in a good speed reading program allows the brain to participate in a fulfilling mental activity. Everyday practice is important, as it ensures the skill does not go to waste.

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