Does your dream demand that you bring it to fruition, or that you take the steps to bring it to fruition?

It is often the case that the journey, the steps, are what is important, for it is that journey which teaches you the most.

Your journey teaches you about your own passion, commitment, about your belief in yourself and in your dream.

Often it is easy to give up. Often it is easy to focus on the material life and simply get on with your daily job and pay the bills.

But to bury a dream is to bury a part of yourself. You have these dreams for a reason. Please embrace them, even if you are only able to do so for half an hour a day.

People rush through life seeking something, and they frequently do not even know what they are seeking. They look outwardly for answers that lie inside.

Ask yourself if you have a dream, a goal, a passion? Is there something that you have secretly longed to do since you were a child?

What was it that stopped you from pursuing that dream?

If you lacked belief in yourself, then we ask that you always remember that we believe in you.

The pursuit of a goal can entail a life-long journey of personal discovery, and it may be that the journey was always the goal, even though you thought the goal was the destination/success you were chasing and that the journey was merely an annoyance. This confusion stems from years of people teaching you to choose a goal and chase it for all you're worth until you possess it. The goal is important, but imagine that each step along the way is as important as the goal itself. You have heard of the saying 'it's now whether you win or lose, but how you play the game'? That is exactly right.

Another perspective that you may not realize is: the way you play the game plays a big part in whether you achieve the desired goal or not. If you 'walk all over people' as you chase your goal, you are in effect telling the universe that you are 'treating others as you yourself desire to be treated' in which case situations will arise in which the treatment you are attracting will cause your goal to slip further and further away.

If you never help another person, they you will not receive help either. What if there was someone out there who had a piece of the jigsaw puzzle that you needed in order to reach your goal, but because you did not help them, you never got that piece? What if the connections that you needed to make began with you talking to a specific person, but you did not consider them worth your time?

What if you spent more time watching television and less time working on your goal? What if the inspirations that you were seeking were destined to only ever arrive when you were in the midst of the work, committed, excited, passionate?

Inspirations often come through the 'process', you cannot wait for them to spontaneously appear. You must be active in the work in order to progress to the next step.
The way you make the journey paints your portrait to the world, and along that journey you will discover other opportunities that will help you in the journey towards the chosen goal. Be open to embracing the opportunities that arise, but also learn to recognize that which is designed to deter you from your goal. There will be times when something will come up to test how much you really want your goal. These will be the challenging times, the times of great disappointment. Overcome them. Rise above them. Do not let these challenges beat you.

Always remember that you have a goal because it is a part of your life direction. And never forget that the journey itself is of equal importance.

Travel the journey well, travel it with love, with compassion and with excitement.

Author's Bio: 

Robyn is a visionary fiction writer, spiritual teacher and counselor. She is also a freelance writer, specialising in new approaches to life and daily living. Her novels--when they are published!--will change the way we live, think, and believe.