You have to believe in what you offer to sell what you offer. It is the self doubt and shyness about sharing our gifts that most often keeps our rates low and new clients at bay. Every marketing tool in the world is useless without a deep knowledge and understanding that you can make a difference, what you do is needed and the gifts you have MUST be shared.

I had a client just this morning raise her rates significantly. She was scared, a little insecure, but she knew and I knew that her value was not aligned with the lower rates and that her gifts are extraordinary. She just booked a new client at her new rate for a 3 month contract. How? Why? Belief and knowing.

Belief is when you must share what you do. You wake up in the morning and are compelled to market because your message is that important. Your ability to change outcomes is that powerful. You must embrace the knowing that people need you, they are waiting, this is your time. When you believe, your clients believe. When you believe, new clients see that and want more. When you believe, people are attracted to you and good comes through you. When you believe, marketing becomes natural and just flows.

Knowing. Knowing that it takes clearing the cobwebs and doubt in your own mind to move other people forward. Are you knowing in your services? Are you knowing that to be a leader, you must be a model? How can we truly launch others into success, healing, or movement if we are standing still? What is keeping you back from knowing that your gifts are valuable? And please here me loud and clear...if you are feeling this way, you do not need more training or education. You need a rebirth of the empowerment of just how special, unique, and transformative you are. You need a new certification, a certification of certainty--you know enough, you are enough, now go do good work.

Please don't wait to share your gifts and help more people. We all need you.

(c) 2009 Suzanne Evans

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