Support comes in many ways, but HOW you are supporting your clients might be truly affecting client retention and referrals. To support your clients fully, you must be 100% authentic, honest and tough. Yes, tough. Lovingly tough.

My message about marketing is about authenticity and sharing. I truly believe that those are key to building a successful and meaningful business. Some marketers say I have a soft message with a tough delivery! And that is authentically me. As different as those may seem, it works because for me it is real. My approach to marketing comes from compassion and my coaching style comes from massive action... what is your style? Are you tapped into your authentic self? Does your coaching and support flow from you or do you feel like you are delivering or performing?

How you support your clients is KEY to keeping them with you and them telling others to work with you. Here are some quick tips to support your clients authentically and fully!

1. Hold them to the Highest Standard

I expect A LOT from my clients. I expect them to show up in their lives in huge ways and bust their b-tt building their business because when they don't, the people they can help don't get served. I remind them of that standard, I hold them to that standard, and I do not waiver even when I want to. I owe that to them.

2. Be the REAL You.

Your clients connect to you most when you are vulnerable, genuine, and consistent. Your style becomes your signature and that is what makes people want more from you. I am not perfect... I have a mixed up combo of sweet and saucy, but it is all me, all the time. What is your style... you can find that style just by noticing when you are in complete flow and don't even have to think about your next move.

3. Embrace Compassionate Accountability

You really fail your clients when you let them off the hook, especially when you let them off the hook over and over and over. Be there to help. Be there to support them in breaking through barriers, but do not let them turn excuses into reasons. Leading your clients to greatness means holding them accountable. It is the greatest expression of client caring.

Nothing is more fun and rewarding than being the real you (warts and all) so that your clients can grow and be fully supported! Sometimes it is scary to put yourself out there in that way, but you will be shocked and amazed at how the REAL you will attract more clients, move more people, and manifest more money.

(c) 2009 Suzanne Evans

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