"Success means having the courage, the determination and the will to become the person you believe you were meant to be." ~ George Sheehan

* Feeling like the marketing is hard?

* A little blue cause you lost a client?

* Can't seem to get motivated or on track?

* Not sure you are meant to be in business?

You forgot.

Yes, YOU forgot.

You are not a series of disappointments. You are not marketing and websites and hard work. You are not the answers you get nor the answers you give.

YOU are a gift. A gift to share with others. And if you are standing knee deep in your own worry, fear, self-pity or disappointment, then you are not living your highest purpose. All the swirling "stuff" that is weighing you down is just that -- STUFF. It actually has very little to do with you. But, you may be at a point right now where you are allowing it to become YOU.

It breaks my heart when I get emails/calls from people who are bursting with possibility and purpose, yet they can't make the quantum leap. Their reasons are always the same. Not enough.

Not enough...

* Money

* Time

* Support

* Training

* Family

And it never has anything to do with the above. We always...

(Please write this down somewhere)

We always find the time, money and resources to do what we truly want to do.

We always do. This might feel uncomfortable or even make you a bit annoyed. It did for me, for a while, too.

It's okay. You just forgot. You simply forgot that you are talented, needed, gifted, beautiful, inspiring, smart, abundant, brave.

You forgot that building a business is not a dream, it is your purpose.

You forgot that you are not the no's or the yeses, but the NOW. You are the divine intention you have to make a difference and making meaning.

It's okay.

I am happy to remind you. Now, YOU have to own it. Stand up from your computer right now and embrace all the possibility and abundance. When you forget again (and we all do), see me and my team.

We have enough belief for ALL of you! And it keeps flowing ~ the belief is abundant and plentiful and never ending.

(c) 2009 Suzanne Evans

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