I got an interesting Tweet the other day from a fellow solopreneur who shared that Twitter was like her opportunity to hang out at the water cooler online. I realized how true that is. Often when you work in isolation, seeing only clients and connecting by events with colleagues, you can risk feeling out of touch and disconnected. Social media can be a wonderful solution to that providing a virtual water cooler for connections.

Often while I deliberately Tweet in the morning with quotes, blog posts, and event notices, it is when I climb on in the evening that I appreciate the warmth and social quality of the networks. Whether it is Twitter, Facebook, or Linked In isn’t important (though I’ll confess Twitter is my favorite for this as the responses are faster and shorter, kind of like quick hugs.) Embrace the networks not simply for the opportunities to move your career or business forward but also to genuinely create meaningful relationships that nurture and support. Again water cooler connection opportunities.

There is nothing that makes me feel better than when someone ReTweets a comment, post, or quote I’ve made on Twitter, or when I get a wonderful Kudo from a friend on Facebook. Sometimes even our families have trouble understanding what our day is like, but when we climb on board the networks, we are sure to find a listening (reading) ear and a pat on the back. This is what is missed by not having real time office with socializing around the water cooler or in the break room.

In this age of hi-tech, the social media networks bring us high touch and as people around the globe, not merely this great nation, we are hungry for that. While your email box may be frequently filled with spam, demands on your time, and requests for favors, social media is a bright spot that is ultimately supportive and inviting. Climb aboard.

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