So you’ve climbed online, built your profile, now what? Get active! You’ll be invited to join many groups, be selective. There is no obligation. And it doesn’t make sense to join if you aren’t going to be active. Active means commenting on discussion regularly, posting your own discussions, sharing photos if invited, and making relevant wall posts.

The whole point is to widen your circle, being a silent groupie isn’t going to serve you! Make some noise, make it relevant, share tips, best business practices, a favorite resource, or just compliment another member. Being of value and pleasant requires little time and can yield major results. Check out the other members profiles, send them a note or post on their wall. You are both part of the same tribe and that is often a lot to have in common.

When you are looking for prospects realize that you need to join a group that is not peer based. As a design professional I belong to design groups to network with peers and colleagues. When I want to locate prospects I refer to my ideal client profile and research groups that my prospects will likely be a part of. This will vary depending on your ideal prospect. The better you have defined that person, the more targeted you can be in your group search and participation.

Often it will be enough for you to join a group, make a post or two, and then look for other members that fit your perfect prospect profile. You can use the group as your door opener, develop rapport, and explore their needs and wants. All before any selling occurs. Remember we are in the age of high tech and that means high touch and building a relationship before any selling takes place. It is far better to invite the target to buy than to push them to it.

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