Keeping true to my coaching motto soar to greater heights... on the second last day of the year I soared alright, 14 000 feet in fact, and then jumped!
The ensuing 65 seconds as I fell at 200 km an hour, gasping for air and feeling as if my arms were about to come out of their sockets I realised that it was all up to me - to focus, to see, to enjoy - for everything to be within reach (provided of course my arms didn't come loose and the chute opened well before the green and blue of the Noosa coastline beneath me was too close for comfort).
For one whole minute it was all about me. Admittedly, the longest, and scariest, minute of my life, it was also the most rewarding and unlike anything I had ever experienced.
How interesting that a momentary struggle to breathe was all it took for a breath of fresh air as the chute opened. Think of stepping out of your comfort zone in the same way, at first, quite scary, then exhilarating, liberating.
Unfamiliarity, not knowing and the fear of failure is what stops most people from creating change and going after their dreams and goals.
Did you know that the unconscious is unable to tell the difference between what is real and what is imagined?
So imagine what your real life could be if you imagined your ideal life as if it were already here!
What do you see? Hear? Say? Feel? Bet they're things you want!
Next time you're having a 'moment', stop and think back to what you've been saying, seeing and feeling. Were they things you DO want or DON'T want? Chances are you momentarily started focusing on what you don't want which led you to less favourable thoughts on that area, or areas, in your life.
Some of us can see way into the distance, whilst others can only see what immediately surrounds us. A little of both is ideal to get a more complete picture.
Similarly next time you find yourself in a situation that requires surfing the unknown imagine it the way you’d like it to turn out and not the other way around. And if you’re wanting real change, then why not go all out and do something worthy of making it to your 101 things to do in your lifetime list? Something risky, something fun! I got my list out last week: skydive, check!; swim with a dolphin, check; shower under a waterfall, check; fall in love in Paris, check; live overseas, check; pay it forward, check; get your dream job, check! Am doing it right now...hopefully inspiring you to take the plunge and get you to start a list of your very own and who knows writing, #1, check, TODAY!

Author's Bio: 

Hello. My name is Sandra Oliveira and I'm a Success Coach.
I help people tap into their true potential and be all that they can be.
In short, I help people like you soar to greater heights...
I’m at my happiest when I can share in the joys and successes of others.
I’m a natural-born listener and helper. I can’t help it!
My love for travel, thirst for knowledge and passion for life has meant a varied and diverse professional experience, both in Australia and overseas, in adult education, management, training and recruitment, translation and hospitality.
My qualifications include B.A (French Honours), ESL teacher training and Success Coach Accreditation.
I'm an ICF member and do volunteer phone coaching for the Institute of Advanced Leadership (IAL).
It is my desire that you live the life you were meant to live - to the fullest, with no regrets!
And I care. I really do.