Have you ever been in a situation where you heard or read some information that was so close to the truth but just missed it? I hate when that happens because then I feel compelled to set the record straight. You are witnessing that moment by reading this article. As I was doing some research for my Virtual Assistance teleseminar, I found a series of articles that used the same phrases as my teleseminar title. Being the nosy sort of individual that I am, I printed them out and read them to find out what folks have been saying about the virtual assistance opportunity.

Not to my surprise, I found the following “crucial steps” to take in setting up your virtual assistance business.

1. Do the research
2. Define your niche
3. Get a website
4. Create a portfolio
5. Network
6. Strive for excellence
7. Get trained
8. Be equipped
9. Become an expert
10. Market like a madman
11. Don’t give up
12. Be available
13. Define your services
14. Purchase all the equipment and software
15. Think virtually
16. Market like a prospective client
17. Read, read, read
18. Be patient
19. Referrals
20. Contact information
21. Communicate

Well, I beg to differ. The only “crucial step” you need to take is follow my lead. I learned the hard way and wasted years trying to build my virtual assistance practice on my own. After failing miserably, I decided to buckle down and budget the funds so that I could take the virtual training program (VTP) through Assist University (AssistU).

The “21 crucial steps” are built into the AssistU 20-week program, and you get to build your practice while you learn. Your instructor is a senior VA who has a thriving practice and shares valuable insight as you complete your homework assignments. The AssistU community is open to all its students and invaluable in helping you gather information, ask questions, and get to know others in a safe, virtual environment. Upon graduation from the program, Assist University offers a referral service unlike any other. Most AssistU VAs enroll in the Registry and build their business by responding to requests from prospective clients within AssistU. So for me, the AssistU choice made sense. I needed a training program that would show me how to manage my business, how to function in a virtual world, and how to find clients.

How am I doing these days? Well, I can honestly say that I have a full practice. Upon graduation from the AssistU VTP, I interned for eight weeks, joined the Registry, and landed my first client within 3 months. My second client came on board 2 months later, my third within 30 days, and by my sixth month, I was full. Most of my clients came through the Registry, but the rest came as a result of other affiliations as referrals.

My point is this, by having a great training program, a client referral service, and a community support network, AssistU just makes sense. I have made back my investment a few times over. So, don’t waste anymore time or energy trying to do this by yourself. Get to the AssistU website, read ALL the information, listen to the recordings, and carefully prepare your application. Not everyone who applies to AssistU gets accepted, but those of us who do are deeply affected.

To learn more or to speak with me, register for one of my virtual events at http://emerging.eventsbot.com, join my Virtual Assistance Mastermind, or visit my website and register for my ezine, On the Verge.

Author's Bio: 

Kim Gray is owner of Emerging Virtual Assistance(www.emergingva.com) and has over 20 years of experience in the administrative profession. She is the virtual assistant to coaches from all walks of life and specialities. She strives to "Leverage My Time to Increase Your Revenue" and has built her practice on the RIGHT things: Respect, Integrity, Good relationships, Honesty, and Tolerance.