I have been a Natural Health Practitioner for over 40 years. During this time, I have utilized a number of protocols for healing--one being hypnosis. I have decided to share this case with you because I feel it could be of help for that client who says “I don’t believe in hypnosis!”

Alice (not her real name), a young girl in her twenties, made an appointment with me after a friend convinced her that I might be able to help. When she arrived, she made it very clear to me that she did not believe in that “hocus pocus” stuff I did, such as Iridology and Hypnosis. She was a devout Christian and she had been taught this was all evil.

When Alice was about 7 years old, her parents decided to divorce. She began to feel fearful that they would not be in the same place and she could not see each of them whenever she wished.

As her fears grew, she began to have nightmares during which she saw herself at the top of the steps while a fire engulfed the house she was in. She was not able to go downstairs because the fire was so intense, but that was where her parents were and she wanted to get to them.

Eventually she would begin screaming and wake herself up, sweaty and frightened. Once she had awakened from the nightmare, she was able to go back to sleep and rest for the night.

Alice has had the same nightmare to this day. She wanted the nightmares to stop. She was afraid to go down steps, wouldn’t live in a second floor home, and didn’t like to be in the sun or near anything hot.

She was about to be married and was afraid to tell her fiancé about the screaming nights. Of course, he wanted to build a home with steps and a fireplace which created great fear for her.

Alice had seen a number of doctors and had taken a number of prescribed medications. She had also consulted several Natural Health Practitioners who recommended herbs or changing her diet. She also tried various therapies such as massage, etc., that she believed in.

As Alice told me her story, it became obvious that she was beginning to feel anxious as she talked about what she had done so far and how nothing had worked.

Because I utilized tree essences in my practice, I asked her how she felt about taking an essence for anxiety. I explained to her that the original flower essences we use in this country were founded by a medical doctor, and essence makers still follow that protocol to make them, whether they are from trees, gems or anything else.

Alice agreed to take the essence. I had her take 6 drops every 10 minutes, until I observed that she had become less anxious.

I offered to hold her hand and told her she could close her eyes while I asked her questions, and Alice agreed.

As we began I did not use any of the common relaxation methods I would normally use, because they conflicted with her belief system. I did ask her to tell me about her life as far back as she could remember from birth and just describe how she saw her self.

By the time Alice had worked her way up to age 7, I felt her begin to squeeze my hand very tightly as she began to describe the nightmares.

When we reached a certain point I realized that she could possibly be in a past life (which she did not believe in either) or a simultaneous life. So I asked her if she would like to leave this place. Of course, her answer was “Yes!”

I asked Alice whom she believed in that we could call in to help us leave, and she said “the angel.” So I asked for the angel to appear. She began to describe the angel to me.

She relaxed her grip on my hand a bit. She told me the angel was taking us up and into the light, which she had been very afraid of in the past. I asked her why she was no longer afraid of the light, and she said she was no longer afraid because the angel assured her this was the way to heaven and she trusted the angel just as she trusted me.
I asked her why she now trusted us. She responded that she had prayed and asked God to send her some help; and that God told her when the time was right he would send her an angel to help.

When she felt safe in heaven, she opened her eyes and asked me if that was a dream. I asked her to ask her soul that question. She said, “I really can’t explain it, but I know that the nightmares are over. God has answered my prayer!”

As our session ended I assured her I was hoping to hear from her that all is well.

About a week later, Alice called me and reported that she no longer was having the nightmares. She was looking forward to her wedding and new home.

She was wondering how and why this happened to her. She thanked me for not pursuing hypnosis although she said she felt as though she had hypnotized herself to find her way out of the fire through the help of the angel God had sent. She thanked me for my help.

Often a client will come out of a session and say, “Was that real or was I dreaming that up?” Who are we to say? A person's beliefs will help them find their way, one way or another. Our beliefs can also cause us to create our own anxieties.

Did I really help this girl? NO! She had already set the stage and was just looking for the right time, place, and person. I believe that while she was in my office she found the right time and place. I was just a catalyst for her.

We should all remember that, to ensure that our ego does not get in the way of healing for our clients.

I have often said that if you believe in something hard enough, long enough, strong enough, it’s yours – you own it.

Alicia is a Natural Health Practitioner in Minerva, OH. She offers courses, self-study, books and CD's on a wide variety of natural health topics. Alicia is also available for Speaking Engagements on a variety of Natural Health and Wellness topics. For more information, please visit her website at: www.NaturalApproachToHealth.com

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Alicia Rocco is the driving force behind Natural Approach to Health, and is our Herb and Essence Practitioner / Educator. Alicia began her career of serving others while she was researching the natural health field to help her in the healing of her own illness.

With 30 years' experience, Alicia brings to us an array of knowledge in the natural health field and is always keeping abreast of the latest research and information about quality herbs and essences.

Alicia has also become aware of the need to assist in emotional and spiritual healing where many of our underlying causes of illnesses have been created. She offers several Natural Health classes, self-study courses, webinars, as well as natural health books, CD's and DVD's to explain and explore her findings. Alicia is also available for Speaking Engagements on a variety of Natural Health and Wellness topics.

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