It could be the answer to the prayers of a vast sea of sufferers of eczema and other itchy conditions. When Marilyn Strube caught chickenpox from her toddler daughter, she was told that nothing available would stop the incessant, maddening itch. The one thing that worked wasn't even supposed to – a seemingly ordinary hand cream containing an unusually rich concentration of Vitamin D3. “It totally wiped out my itch in seconds and kept it away for hours.”

"I wasn't sure if it was just me, or if it worked on other people," said Marilyn, who at that time was a medical research technician at Washington University's medical school in St. Louis, Mo. "so I recommended it to a number of friends, co-workers and their family members.” she said. “In about 20 of those initial cases, almost everyone who tried it said it was like a miracle. That's when I started researching the ingredients of the hand cream in the medical school library." said Marilyn, who majored in biology, with a minor in chemistry. DermaVive Natural Itch Relief Cream is a result of that research plus extensive testing on volunteers.

"I figured it had to be the vitamin D3 because vitamin D3 is formed in skin during exposure to UVB light (1) and UVB light therapy is known to be the most effective treatment for severe clinical itch.” (2) Until then, researchers did not suspect the vitamin D3 because most topical vitamin D3 products fail to relieve itch. The difference between those products and DermaVive is the rich concentration of Vitamin D3 along with its cream base that promotes efficient absorption. Marilyn named this unique, patented combination HPD3 (High Potency Vitamin D3). In addition, UVB light is thought to relieve itch by reducing an itch-causing buildup of phosphate in skin cells, (3) and vitamin D3 is the principle regulator of phosphate in the body (4).

DermaVive has performed remarkably well in 3 independent clinical surveys. Eighty to ninety percent of clinical patients suffering from eczema and other types of chronic itch reported that the itch relief from DermaVive was “equal to or greater than” past anti-itch treatments, but without steroids, antihistamines or artificial numbing agents. These conditions included eczema, psoriasis, chickenpox, allergies, hives, diabetic neuropathy, contact dermatitis, jock itch, athlete’s foot, poison ivy, insect bites and more.

DermaVive Natural Itch Relief Cream is manufactured to Marilyn’s specifications by an FDA approved manufacturer. Marilyn says, "I've got a fabulous product. That's what gets me up in the morning."

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