One specific trait that single moms naturally acquire is smart shopping. It is an innate characteristic hinged on a mother’s survival instincts. We instinctively learn to take care of our offspring and provide them the best when there is no one else to depend on. Despite my limited financial capabilities, my kids have never been deprived of the good things in life, although less frequently than lucky children born from affluent families. Still, I feel it is sufficient to have given them self-esteem and confidence when interacting with their peers. I was able to get them an IPod music player, they have decent cell phones, and they have experienced eating expensive food.

How do we do it? It’s all about smart shopping combined with good financial management. It’s normal that children want cool clothes or gadgets and we do want to be able to give it to them. Of course, I don’t believe children should be given whatever they want. But I do believe in giving them rewards to motivate them in their endeavors. It develops confidence and teaches them to work on their goals.

Purchasing these rewards on a limited budget is where smart shopping comes in. It is possible to purchase expensive items at huge discounts. You can either buy them brand new at a discount or get them used. When I say used, it means choosing a second-hand product that has been taken cared off very well by the user. And I also make sure we get it no more than as a second user. Thus, we only choose items that have complete accessories (with the original box if possible) and only from sellers with impeccable feedback. Sometimes we even get lucky and get brand new items at incredible prices in online auction stores. There are reputable sellers who can give good discounts in these stores. They are usually dealers who are letting go of old inventory or those who luckily get the items at large discounts and sell them for minimal profit. So, if you are one of those who doubt the online auction stores, don’t rule them out. With diligence and prudence, you will find great savings. Just remember to scrutinize sellers’ feedback – we choose only sellers who have at least sold 50 items with no problems reported on any of them.

As for brand new items, I always search extensively online for bargains and coupon codes that can give large discounts on our purchases. You will be surprised at the savings you can get searching the web. I have also made it a practice to schedule bulk of my shopping during store bargain sales or when I am within the area of outlet store. I don’t mind the inconvenience of shopping among crowds nor picking out the items among heaps of clothing or other items. It is the price I pay for giving the best to my family under limited budget. So far, it has worked well. My kids have had the privilege of enjoying quality products despite our circumstances.

As a single mom, I have learned ingenuity and diligence to be able to take care of my children on my own. It does involve sacrifices that I am more than willing to take to keep my children happy. And I have no doubt that every single parent out there feels the same way.

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So what is Samantha Gregory all about? Well, I am passionate about a lot of things from single mom empowerment to consulting about building an internet presence. The core of my passion is people. I love helping people be their best selves and reaching their highest potential.