Actually packing for a trip is always exciting. It means you are really going rather than just planning to go! Here are some tips for packing for any trip:

Always carry shopping plastic bags. They hold dirty laundry. You can use them as shoe bags in your suitcase. They serve as trash bags in the car.

Pack with a list. Come up with a list of everything you need to take with you when traveling. Make copies of the list so you can refer to it for each trip you take.

Repack with the list. Check each item off your list as your pack and pack the list to use on the last day of your vacation so you remember to take everything back home with you.

Plastic zip bags prevent leaks. Store anything that may leak in a plastic zip bag. Better be safe that sorry if you think it might leak.

Take a journal. Bring a journal so you can take notes

Practical Packing. Pack items that are lightweight, wrinkle resistant, compact and washable.

Check the Weather. Start checking the weather for your destination a week before your trip so you will know whether to pack rain gear, long johns, or shorts.

Call ahead. Contact your hotel to see what they offer in the room. Many hotels have at least irons and hair dryers in each room. Also, you will want to know if they have a gym so you will whether to pack your gym clothes and a pool, if you need a bathing suit.

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