Smart Cookie Tip: Don't Fall for Fake Romance

Most of us want to feel romantic because we want to feel special and connected to someone. Our hormones such as oxytocin elevate when we feel close, safe, warm, loved and accepted by someone we like and respect. We begin to feel a rush, a high, a free ride to la-la-land. Why wouldn't we want that?

But you can't force that feeling. Gifts, dinners by candlelight--or great sex--can kick-start our chemical reactions, but often these reactions crash and burn faster than we want.

If you want true romance, hang out with your partner. Do ordinary things. Go on "undates" and learn how the person handles sales people, errands, traffic, your friends and family, compromise, patience and boredom! Make your early dates similar to real life. Romance blossoms when these ordinary tasks of life become fun. And remember, do something silly and different. Laughing and doing new things can bring people closer together. Tell your partner something surprising about you. Good Luck! Send in your own tips about how you found romance.

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LeslieBeth Wish is a Psychologist, Clinical Social Worker and author who is nationally recognized for her contributions to women, love, relationships, family, career, workplace, and organizations.

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