Most people associate success with dressing well, driving a luxury car, and living in an expensive home. So, you have decided to look successful by driving a luxury car. The problem is you do not have the money to buy another car, let alone a luxury one. You want to buy a new luxury car, but you can’t take care of the one you currently own.

Your friend told you how she was able to afford her luxury car. Your friend took the helpful information she got, and she used it to better her life. You got the same information, and you did not do anything with it. WHAT GOOD IS THAT? Now your friend is prospering, and you’re not. Yet, you are so jealous of her that you cannot function. You may have forgotten, but your friend made several big sacrifices to get where she is today.

One important thing to remember is that you need to give something in order to get in the business world. In addition, you need to take time and listen to people who have been there, done that, and succeeded in doing it. Stop blaming others and take ownership for your own mistakes and bad choices. When starting a small business, there are many ways for you to look successful with or without the bling.

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Dr. Mary E. Waters is an author, speaker, business consultant. She is the author of “Easy Business for Women with Little or No Money.” She strives on helping people to start their own business with little or no money. For many years, she has been helping people make their dreams of becoming a successful business owner come true! The official Guide for "Business Start Up." Easy Business for Women with Little or No Money ISBN: 0759605963, ISBN: 9780759605961, ISBN: 780759605978, Mail to:,