When I started my own business I had variety of emotional conflicts that prevented me from taking consistent action. I am sure you can relate to this feeling. My conversation with clients revealed that apart from having several fears, the following three types of fears impacted the business owners to a large extent.

Fear of loss: As an employee, we were bound by certain rules and regulations of the employer. As long as we followed these rules and performed well, we got paid. Our regular paycheck motivated us to work consistently. However as a business owner, you are your own boss. Even though initially you may feel very good to be your own boss, you must be prepared to pay for your mistakes and poor judgments with your own money.

Fear of failure: We are mentally programmed to think that having a job is secure (which is not completely true). Hence when we lose our job, we tend to feel helpless. When you operate your business, fear of failure is stronger because you put your reputation not just with one employer, but with each new customer.

Fear of Rejection: In a job you, as an employee normally work with your boss, peers and subordinates. You get to know them gradually and there is hardly any fear of rejection. However when you operate your business, you must find ways to market effectively. You will have to contact several prospects/ potential customers. Not all of them will say yes to your services or product. Hence you must be prepared to face the fear of rejection.

It is very important to be aware that these three fears can affect the growth of your business. Once you are aware, you can make a decision right now to take consistent action to conquer these fears. It could be reading an empowering book or listening to an audio or doing activities that can help you let go of these fears.

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