Have you ever got excited about a great business idea, but did not implement, as you had the Fear of failure? If you thought that way, you are not alone. Probably you were afraid to take the next step, because of the big risk you may have to take. One way to breakthrough Fear of failure in a business is to know the truth about it.

When you experience fear of failure, I would recommend taking a deep breath first. By doing so, you bring yourself in the moment and when you are in the moment, you make empowering choices. Then, you make a choice to treat failure as learning experience. Here are some facts about learning experience.

Learning experience brings you closer to success.

Learning experience shows you, what not to do.

Learning experience teaches you that you need to stop, assess and change.

Learning experience is a part of life and

Learning experience is a way to show that you cannot do it alone.

When you choose to treat failure as learning experience, you will learn to step on each failure, using them as stepping stones that move you towards your goal. Additionally, write down the reasons why you have fear of failure. It could be lack of knowledge or self limiting belief or low self esteem or lack of experience or disapproval from parents or loved ones or taking big risks or lack of finance. Once you write down the reasons, your mind is free from clutter. At this point of time, you will realize that your fear of failure is transformed into excitement for taking action. So, instead of giving up carrying out your business idea, you are on your way to taking action with enthusiasm.

Action Exercises:

Here are two things you can consider doing:

In the past three months, think about an instance when you had a great business idea that you did not implement due to fear of failure?

Now shift your mindset from failure to learning experience and see if you are now motivated to take action to implement your great business idea.

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