Creativity is generally associated with artists, painters and writers. However, to run a productive and profitable business, a business owner must be creative. First, as a business owner you must acknowledge your decision to operate your own business as a bold and creative step. However during the course of running your business you may get frustrated and run out of ideas. Here are the five easy ways to boost your creativity:

Take an inventory of your activities

Sit in a quiet place, write down and assess your business activities. Instead of focusing on what is not working, without thinking too much just write down the activities that you enjoyed doing in your business. For example it could be a Teleseminar or Webinar or Conference call or a coaching call. Did your prospects/customers get value out of this activity? Did it increase your revenue? If your answer is Yes, you must do more of these activities and introduce creative ways to increase your productivity.

Make an effort to do something unusual

If you are used to communicating with your clients via email, just make a small change. Pick up the telephone and say hello and connect with your client. You and your client may generate new ideas that will be mutually beneficial.

Get into the learning mode

Make it a habit to read for at least 15 minutes a day something different from your business. Try to learn something new and use this learned knowledge in your business activity.

Say No to the critic in you

Most often before even you write down your idea, you tend to be judgmental and dismiss it. Don't listen to your inner critic, but just write down your creative ideas/imagination. Then you can ponder over the actions required to implement the idea. Once you have determined the actions, you can make an intelligent judgment on implementing them.

Take control of your mind, body and spirit

Make a commitment to yourself to eat healthy food, exercise regularly, meditate and get a good night sleep. This sounds too basic, but too many business owners tend to overlook this aspect. As a result, they get frustrated and lose motivation to run their business.

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