Do you want to run your business with peace of mind? If your answer is Yes, then you must take the following SIMPLE five actions.

1. Allot 10-15 minutes to plan your day on paper. This process will free up your time and clear clutter from your mind. You will make decisions and take action quickly. This will empower you to run your business confidently.

2. Always keep an open mind and listen to your clients, employees and peers. Listen to their compliments and take it seriously. That is your strength. Once you are aware of your strength you can use it more and more to build your business. Sometimes it is not your services that makes a difference, but the way you deliver and the emotional experience you give them matters most.

3. Keep a gratitude journal and every day write down three things/events that you are grateful for. This will help you focus on what you have and will make room for having more.

4. Your daily emotions can either make or break your day. I personally use Emotional Freedom Technique. There are other methods like Yoga, working out in a Gym, Affirmation etc. You can use what works for you. Make it a priority and a habit to find ways to work on your emotions.

5. Unlike an employee, a business owner cannot count on his regular paycheck. Fluctuating income from business can cause stress. Learn to live below your means. Pay yourself first. Donate a certain percentage to charity. This way you develop a mindset to live with the rest of the income/profit.

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