If you’re overweight, feeling tired and sluggish from carrying around those extra pounds, and fed up with the way you look, follow our weight loss guide carefully and we guarantee you’ll lose weight.

Take Control of Your Mind
With junk foods so easily available in the shops it’s so easy to take in more calories than we need. When food was scarce we used more physical energy to actually get the food, which triggered a survival mechanism to avoid starvation.

Having less food inside us the body’s metabolism slowed down in order to preserve energy; this meant less fat was burned.

As our bodies perceive dieting as a form of starvation, we must look towards our mind to help us to outsmart this survival mechanism.

At Hypnotic World you’ll find hypnotherapy scripts to address various issues which are concerned with obesity. However, we also recognize the need to take a holistic approach if you’re really determined to lose weight. So follow the guide to a slimmer you.

Are you going to lose weight or will you remain as you are? The first step is to make that conscious decision to lose weight. The second step is to stick to it. If you slip up and have the occasional indulgence, don’t worry, don’t feel a failure and certainly don’t let yourself feel guilty. You are a normal, healthy human being, you are not infallible; so remember, a relapse is not the same as a collapse.

Set Yourself Realistic Goals
Don’t aim to lose weight too quickly. A healthy weight depends on a healthy way of life.

Respect Calories
3,500 calories add up to one pound of fat. Whilst you don’t need to count the calories in everything you eat, having a general awareness of which foods contain more calories can help you to avoid them.

Rethink Your Eating
If you’re used to snacking between meals or eating late at night, organise your day differently. A healthy adult should easily be able to last at least three hours between meals. Keep a food diary and discover your weak times.

Forget the Scales
Don’t become obsessed with weighing yourself. You’ll be able to tell when you’ve lost weight when your clothes begin to feel loose.

Avoid Fad Diets
Over 90% of people who go on fad diets regain the weight (and often more) when they stop dieting.

Make Exercise a Part of Your Life
A brisk, ten minute walk every day will reduce tension and help you to become fitter, it will also, oddly enough, make you feel less hungry. Forget the gruelling, vigorous exercise (unless you actually like it), any sort of movement can only be good. Find time to do things you enjoy doing, like cycling, dancing, walking, swimming.

Develop a Love of Water
A glass of cold water before each main meal will slightly shrink your stomach, making you less hungry; water will help flush toxins from your system and cleanse your skin.

Reward Yourself
Developing a healthier approach to your eating patterns deserves a reward, so pamper yourself, go for an aromatherapy massage or an Indian head massage or new hairdo – or simply relax to your favourite hypnosis recording with fragrant candles and oils – whatever appeals to you most – and do this on a regular basis to remind yourself that you’re worth it, because you’re a very special person.

Hypnotize Yourself
Download Slimplicity Online Hypnosis now to begin your new weight reduction program and to take control over your life. Once downloaded you can use this inspirational recording as often as you wish to reinforce the suggestions and remind yourself of your new goals. Slim Now

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