Some of my clients have trouble getting to sleep from time to time. Studies show that sleep deprivation can contribute to hypertension, depression and obesity.

Try any or all of the following that work for you. Remember - Just for a while . . . It's all about You!

Avoid stimulants in the late afternoon: colas, coffee, tea. Avoid alcohol tho' it may make you feel sleepy at first it might wake you up later. Avoid eating large quantities of food late in the day.

If there are personal issues that disturb you try writing a list of them. Tell yourself, just for the moment, you will set them aside. You will address them in the morning. Along with that list, write a list of the wonderful things that have happened. That list can start with something as simple as "It was a beautiful day with perfect weather". As you continue this practice, list creating will become easier.

An hour or so before you go to bed take a warm bath or shower. Enjoy every moment. Use care in soothing your body with a gentle touch. Lavender scented soap, shampoo or bath oil might enhance the relaxing effect.

Or soak your feet in a bath of warm water. Add any herbs or essential oils you find soothing so you relate the scent with relaxation and restful sleep. Try a drop of lavender essential oil on your pillow.

Put on your night clothes. Be sure they are not restrictive and will not make you too hot.

Use your bedroom for sleeping. Keep the television in another room.

Go to bed and get up around the same time everyday including weekends.

Keep lights lower in the evening. Keep the temperature in the bedroom cool. Use soft lighting. Sleep in a dark room.

If you awake during the night and do not drop back to sleep, get out of bed using as little light in the bedroom as is safe. Go to another room. Try some slow deep breathing, meditation, read a book or another form of relaxation that works for you. Television and radio may be too stimulating.

Return to bed when you are sleepy again. Try some slow deep breathing. Clear your mind. Tell any thoughts that come into your mind that you will address them another time.

When you awake, open the curtains or go into a brightly lit room. Smile and be grateful for the day.

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Nationally Certified in Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork
Reiki Practitioner