You’ve heard them. You know the ones. “The Law of Attraction is damaging to an individual. This is a selfish belief that people made up so they can think of only themselves.”

Give me a break.

There are so many different subjects that a skeptic can pick on and just because they don’t believe what you do, they believe this somehow gives them the right to tell everyone their opinion as if it is the only fact.
There are many things in this world that cannot be seen, cannot be touched but are as real as you and I.

So do we attack the skeptics for their beliefs? If you are a true believer in the Law of Attraction, you don’t. Because the Law of Attraction is about allowing others their own opinions and perceptions without judgment and stay in the world you are creating. Let the skeptic create his own world.

Whatever rings true for you is the path you should follow. If the Law of Attraction is it, then so be it. If another belief is it, then ditto. What I personally take issue with is condemning another person for their right to believe whatever rings true for them.

It’s interesting how quickly someone will believe another with a strong opinion and then pick it up as his or her own belief. You can listen to others that preach against or you can think about what you prefer to be and create your own you: the person without judgment on others, the person who minds his own business and takes care of his own world, the person who can think for himself no matter what anyone says and comes out with a ‘ring true’ belief for his self.

The Law of Attraction gives others hope. Hope that they can achieve whatever their heart desires no matter what state their life is in. You can become what you want. This isn’t selfish. This is taking initiative, this is being responsible for your life, this is being happy. What’s wrong with being grateful and thankful and have what you deserve in life?

So you are doing your best to stay in a good-feeling mood, keeping your eye on the prize, when you happen to pick up a little magazine with a huge article, “How the Belief in the Law of Attraction or Better Known These Days as the Secret is Hurting You.” You can’t help but read it and when you do, you almost feel hurt.

Make sure to stop right there.

Just realize that you are feeling hurt by someone who has not learned how to harness the Law of Attraction; someone who really doesn’t know anything about it. Why feel hurt when this person doesn’t really know what you know. Give him some slack and take some for yourself. If you want this opinion to enter your world, then let it. If you don’t want it to enter in your world, forget about it. Remember, it’s just another person trying their best to create their world and they want you to be a part of it. You can choose to be a part of their world or not. If you choose not, go on your merry way and get back to feeling good and attaining what you desire.

The skeptics will not be a part of your world unless you let them. That is what they are banking on. Not only that, a skeptic believes what they say is for your own good. What he doesn’t recognize is that you and only you know what ‘your own good’ is.

Don’t let opinion bring you down; you have a world to create and make wonderful.

Author's Bio: 

Beth and Lee McCain are instructors and lecturers in applying the Law of Attraction to everyday life.
They live in beautiful Oregon with their four children.