Are you trying to plan your detox around family outings and celebrations? How will you ever stay on your plan while you travel, go to work meetings, or attend birthday parties? Are you waiting for the “perfect” window to schedule your detox? Looking for that magical time when there is nothing on your calendar and no barriers or challenges to confront? Well, for most of us that “perfect” window may never appear!

Choosing to detox or make any healthier lifestyle change requires a measure of determination and commitment. We all have busy lives, juggling family, career, school, and whatever surprises life tosses our way. So creating a healthier diet for the short or long term can seem daunting. Maybe you even hold on to that precious treat – coffee, pastries, bagels, cookies – as the one thing that gets you through it all! Why should you deprive yourself of that comfort or the reward for all your hard work?

Well, we are here to assure you that you do NOT have to feel deprived when you detox! Detoxing with whole foods provides loads of nourishing substitutes for your cravings and satisfying ways to treat yourself. And the long term rewards of a healthier, cleaner body – more energy, clearer thinking, brighter mood – are MUCH greater than the short term benefits of a sugar or caffeine buzz.

So here are 6 tricks and tips for a successful detox even in the midst of a busy or challenging schedule.

  1. Plan and commit! Use our Free Detox Planner, see website below, to map out your detox plan and make the decision to follow it in the midst of your busy life. Devise a plan that is reasonable for success but challenges you to dip a little deeper into clean eating.
  2. Start your day on FULL. Breakfast, as you know, is the most important meal of the day! Don’t scrimp on your first meal – make it really count. Green smoothies are one of the best ways to fill up your body with nourishment and to curb your appetite for less healthy options. Make your smoothie or a healthy detox recipe first thing in the morning and eat it before your tummy wakes up. Don’t give your brain or tummy time to consider old comfort foods and before you know it you’ll be satisfied and feeling energized for a successful detox day!
  3. Don’t let lunch sneak up on you. Whether you are going to work, traveling, or just puttering at home, make or plan your lunch ahead of time. It’s hard to make a healthy lunch decision when you’re hungry and/or out in the world of unhealthy options. There’s no need to put yourself in that position. Pack a healthy lunch and bring it with you whether you’re going to work, running errands, or heading to the airport.
  4. Choose to celebrate life! We all have celebrations or events to attend with lots of tempting food that’s not on our plan. Choosing to feel deprived is just that – a choice! We can feel deprived or we can feel empowered! The celebration is not really about the food, is it? When we choose to feel grateful for the chance to gather with friends, connect, and celebrate, we don’t need the junk food to feel good! Celebrate life by treating your body with respect and honoring it with healthy, nourishing choices.
  5. Bring life to the party! When you go to a party, meeting or family gathering bring along a special healthy dessert or dish to share with everyone. Raw chocolate fudge, sugar-free vegan cookies, or healthy pies are great celebratory snacks. People are always happy to receive and enjoy delicious food. This is a great way to stay on your detox while sharing nourishing food with your friends and family. You’ll be surprised how curious everyone is about the exotic, delicious, whole foods you’ve brought. And chances are, when they see how great you look and how good the food tastes, they’ll be asking how to start their own detox!
  6. Eat before you go. When you’re at an event with unhealthy food, sometimes focusing on something other than the food is easier said than done. This is especially true if you’re hungry, in withdrawal and experiencing cravings. Plan ahead by eating something healthy or drinking extra smoothie, before you leave the house. If you’re going to a restaurant, fill up a bit before you go and then order something light and fresh. That way you can enjoy the company instead of stressing out about the food. Avoid eating the bread served at the beginning of the meal and ask the server what fresh vegetables and grains they can prepare for you. Be explicit about what you want left out. Often you will end up with a meal so yummy and fresh looking others at your table will envy it!

Remember that YOU are worth it. Your detox is not about depriving yourself. It’s about adding in food choices and activities that truly nurture and fulfill you. Food is not the enemy OR the main point of life – it is a glorious celebration and a life-giving force! Honor your body with the most nourishing and life-sustaining food choices possible. Create new habits and forgive yourself when you slip back into the old. Gently remind yourself that every step brings you closer to radiant health. Lovingly guide yourself back onto the path. You are truly worth it!

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Jo delAmor, Certified Holistic Health Counselor, and Cindy Cleary, Masters in Social Work, are natural health advocates and educators. Visit the Whole Body Detox Diet for tools and guidelines for creating a safe, effective and gentle detox diet that’s just right for you. Sign up for your Free Detox Diet Startup Kit to receive step by step guidance for creating your customized detox diet plan using whole foods, herbs, and therapies.