When the fog of overwhelming stress clouds our thoughts there’s a danger we could soon be drifting into non-productivity land. Here are three quick and easy ways to sail through the day with a clear and focused head.

Keeping a clear head is essential if you want:

• to avoid the pitfalls of stress (and the stupidity it leaves in it’s wake)

• to keep calm and focused on what you need to get done

• to be at your intelligent best

• to retain use of your creative problem solving abilities

Keeping mentally clear and sharp means you can easily cope with any challenges in your journey through the day. We all know that stress accumulates, and the last thing any of us needs when trying to get things done is for a metaphorical speck in our eye to feel like a boulder.

Keeping clear means keeping things real; in proportion and, therefore, manageable.

Cultivating the three Cs of calm, clarity and certainty puts us in a strong and resourceful position where we are settled into a flow state of maximum productivity and accomplishment.

From this place obstacles become challenges that we can rise to and learn from, we can shrug of stress and remain mentally fit.

Here are three things you can try to cultivate the three Cs and sail through a fog free day:

1. Get up & Move
As soon as stress, mental fatigue, frustration or irritability strike - get up and move.
Really, no matter how busy you are This time well spent breaks unresourceful states, stops unwanted emotional responses from building up and boiling over and clears your head.

If you can, go for a short brisk walk, if not at least take a few moments to have a good stretch.

Your brain will thank you for it and when you return to the task at hand you will be looking at it with fresh eyes and stand a much better chance of getting something done with it than if you let the stress fog settle around your head and shoulders and try and valiantly squint through it!

2. Reset & Reboot
There’s more to the human body than meets the eye, one of my favourite techniques I learned from studying Ancient Chinese Medicine is that we have meridian points that we can use for a huge variety of issues. Here’s one that resets and restores your mind. It’s found just under your collarbone, just under where it joins the breastbone.

Find the point and tap on it with your fingertips, tap the left side with your right hand and vice versa. This point is called Kidney 27 in acupuncture and is known for it’s benefits in reducing tension and anxiety, it can also help reduce physical pain.

3. Pull the Pressure Relief Valve
Massaging and gently pulling down on your earlobes reduces pressure in the head, it works even better if you induce yourself to yawn as you do it - though there’s a good chance it will happen naturally.

This is a great way to let off steam and keep mentally clear, it also helps to prevent tension headaches from developing. If you get in the habit of using it regularly you will soon feel the benefits.

Author's Bio: 

Ananga Sivyer is a contributing editor for LifeScape magazine and the author of the highly acclaimed self-help workbook: "The Art & Science of Emotional Freedom". Find more tips like this at http://www.ananga.squarespace.com