Owning your own website in network marketing is the key to attracting a continuous flow of targeted prospects.

Once you have your own website and are generating the leads yourself you own and control them and better still, they are fresh and targeted. Buying leads will not only put a hole in your hip pocket but will eventually frustrate you right out of your business.

The problem many network marketers are faced with when relying on a company generated website which looks the same as every other company generated website out there is, it does nothing for developing their own unique voice within the industry and basically, they are just one of the crowd.

Why You Need Your Own Website

Having your own website will allow you to:

- brand yourself as an authority within your chosen field
- allow you to target your leads
- allow you to monetize your visitors in other ways
- build trust with your visitors

Branding Yourself

Unless you stand out from the crowd then you have little chance of being noticed and attracting the right type of attention. Network marketing success relies on forming relationships with your prospects well before they've even taken a look at your primary business.

Your own network marketing website allows you to target your prospects and actually reach out to those actually looking for you. Company websites, apart from all looking the same, have no SEO value at all and many times network marketers are severely restricted by rules and regulations. In many cases, they are virtually useless as a lead generation tool.

Controlling your own lead generation is paramount to getting a responsive reaction from prospects. Having your own website means being able to promote it in various different ways including article marketing, Web 2.0 and pay-per-click without fear of your company "pulling the rug from underneath you."

Most important of all, having your own network marketing website allows you develop a relationship with your prospects. It allows you to apply sensible pre-selling tactics over a period of time where you provide the value and your prospects respond by eventually buying from you or joining your primary business.

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