The issue of single parenting often evokes plenty of debate as to whether children are more negatively impacted in a single parent home as opposed to having two parents.

In reality, children who grow up with only one parent in the home are said to become more independent and are better prepared to fend for themselves in adult life. This view will definitely stir up plenty of debate.

Single Parent Dating

One of the biggest issues of single parenting is a parent who re-enters the dating scene. The impact on their children can be very dramatic especially if a child has already experienced a two parent household and was close to the parent who is no longer a part of it.

The welcome reception for the new person in their life can be best described as being hot. A parent who introduces a new member to the family may often times have to deal with jealous feelings from their child. A child now faces the prospect of competing for their sole parent's affection which can lead to tense times.

Single Parenting Tips

Let's take a look at some things you can do as a single parent to form a more harmonious relationship with your child:

- Show them you love them every day. This could be through simply telling them every day or by some action. Maybe leaving a note on their pillow after they leave for school or in their school bag.

- Encourage your child daily. Let them know they are above average and they are doing a great job. On the other hand, be careful not to "sugar coat" the situation too much and if they break the rules then let them know also.

- Set rules the child must abide by. Routine is important in a two parent household but it's just as vital in a single parent home. Eating family dinners is crucial to a home's routine. Make sure you sit down together at least once a day to eat. Evening time is ideal but if your situation allows, try and sit down for breakfast together as well.

- Don't be afraid to let your child help out around the home. If they are old enough then encourage them to help keep the home and yard clean. When a child is given responsibility, in most cases they will thrive.

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